Case Walker seems to be able to do it all. Not only does he sing, he’s gone from internet sensation to bonafide actor. The teen is someone you should know, so we made sure to gather all the fun facts.

Keep scrolling to learn what Case shared with Sweety High this week. You can thank us later.


(Photo credit: Tristan Moore)

Name: Case Tysdal Walker

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Birthday: Feb. 25

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Fun Facts:

1. His loves queso and chips from “any good Mexican restaurant.”

2. Cats are his fave animal.

“They’re unpredictable, pudgy and sassy.”

-Case Walker

3. His favorite color is blue because “it works with everything.”

4. He’s super obsessed with Kendama, a Japanese skill toy, and he wishes more people knew about it.

5. He’s all about the scent of coffee.

6. If he could live in any fictional world, he’d choose the one from The Hobbit.

7. Lemonade Mouth is his favorite Disney movie.

“It’s classic and it ties into music.”

-Case Walker


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