The Wilking Sisters Are the Dancing Duo You Need to Know Now

Not everyone gets along with their sister, but luckily that's not the case for dancers Miranda and Melanie Wilking—they literally do everything together.

We got to know these two peas in a pod (no, they're not twins—Miranda is two years older), and we have a feeling you'll want to get acquainted with them, too.

Keep reading to learn more about the Wilking sisters:

wilking sisters at sweety high
(Photo Credit: Sweety High)

Names: Miranda (left) and Melanie (right)

Birthplace: Michigan

Birthdays: Feb. 24 (Miranda) and April 12 (Melanie)

Zodiac Signs: Pisces (Miranda) and Aries (Melanie)

Fun Facts:

1. They live together in Los Angeles, California.

"We're basically attached at the hip. Wherever we go, we're together!" -Melanie Wilking.

2. When making a new dance video, they like to figure it out as they go.

"We stand in front of our mirror and just go to town!" -Miranda Wilking

"We've been dancing our whole lives, so it comes naturally to us, and we work very well together." -Melanie Wilking

3. They always listen to R&B music while getting ready.

4. They're super close, but they also have their differences:

"Miranda is very creative and has a lot of input in our choreography, while I'm a little more technical and business-minded. For our partnership, it's a great balance." -Melanie Wilking

5. They've dreamed of having their own reality show.

"We'd call it Keeping Up With the Wilkings! But we'd have to cast other people on the show to bring the drama, because we are no-drama mamas!" -Miranda Wilking

6. Their biggest influences?

"Our family! We have a very close family. I look up to you, Miranda!" -Melanie Wilking

"Stop it! She's younger, but I look up to her, too. We balance each other out." -Miranda Wilking


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