G. Hannelius On GxMint Nail Wraps: CONTEST CLOSED

Dog With A Blog star G. Hannelius is known not only for her acting and singing, but also her passion for nail art! She also recently collaborated with Mint Polish for a line of awesome GxMint nail wraps.g hannelius nail wraps gxmint

G. took some time to speak with Sweety High about her work with Mint, as well as her love for nail art and a charity that's very close to her heart! NOTE: our GxMint giveaway is CLOSED!

"I started experimenting with nail art when I was 11 or 12," G. Hannelius said.

Over time, she practiced, picked up new skills and honed her talents. In January of 2012, she started making nail art tutorials for the web!

Her work didn't go unnoticed. When G. was offered the chance to design fabulous nail wraps for Mint non-toxic nail products, she snatched up the opportunity.

"It was great!" G. said. "The founder of Mint Polish is named Greta, and she is super sweet – she made the whole process really easy and fun. I pulled some inspiration from the internet and sent it to her. We discussed the best options, and then they went into production!"

G.'s work resulted in two styles of nail wraps called "Floral Fun" and "Art Wrap," which are available in both adult and kid sizes.

"The first one, the Floral Fun, is a beautiful watercolor-like design that is great for spring and summer, but really works year-round," she explained. "The second design I didn't come up with. It is artwork that domestic abuse survivors created at A Window Between World."

G. has been involved with A Window Between Worlds for more than five years, even hosting their annual Art In the Afternoon event!

"A Window Between Worlds is an amazing organization that uses art as a healing tool to help women and children who have survived domestic violence," G. said. "That design is a glittery mix of stars and hearts – it's a really fun print."

Though G. is obsessed with painting her nails with spectacular nail art, she loves the ease and simplicity of using nail wraps.

"I use nail wraps whenever I don't have time to paint my nails!" she said. "The great thing about nail wraps is that you can stick them on, file off the excess, and you are ready to go – no dry time!"

Would you like to try our G.'s nail wraps?

"You can get your GxMint nail wraps today by going to www.GxMint.com," G. said. "Send me a pic of your wraps on your nails using the hashtag #GxMint so I can retweet and reply!"

You can also enter our giveaway for a chance to snag a set of GxMint wraps! Just comment below and let us know why you deserve to win! Sign up at SweetyHigh.com and comment below with your username for an extra entry! Please share your versions of G's manicures with us in the site gallery!g hannelius gxmint giveaway

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