GEM Real Food Vitamins Branches Out With New Immunity, Sleep and Calm Bites

When I was first introduced to GEM real food vitamins last year, I was instantly obsessed.

Unlike most multivitamins, these bites serve up many of the essential vitamins and minerals you need to thrive by including nutrient-dense in the form of actual food ingredients, rather than distilled, pure forms of the vitamins—which our bodies can sometimes find difficult to absorb. Whether it was just in my head or not, I actually felt healthier after eating them—and they tasted pretty darn good, too.

So when the brand reached out to me and told me that they'd soon be launching new Immunity, Sleep and Calm support bites, I got excited. They're out today, March. 16, and to gear up for the thrilling new release, they gave me the chance not just to revisit their GEM Daily Essential vitamins in two additional flavors, but also to check out their Immunity Essentials bites ahead of the launch. Here's how that went.

The Bites

GEM's best-known product is their Daily Essentials bites, which are completely plant-based, combining ingredients such as ashwagandha, spirulina, coconut, chia seeds, sea minerals, quinoa, chlorella, dates, curry leaves, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, red algae and mushrooms to pack tons of healthy goodness into one soft, bite-sized cube that's almost candy-like in taste and texture.

Those ingredients are packed with antioxidants, omega 3s and flavonoids for supporting clear and healthy brain function, adaptogens for aiding with stresses, vitamins and minerals that improve energy, and detoxifying ingredients that are great for the skin and body. They're 35 calories each, and come in Cacao, Peppermint and Lemon flavors.


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Their brand new Immunity Essentials bites does something similar, but has ingredients formulated for immunity support, gut health, cellular health and respiratory support, all in one chewy orange bite. This is achieved through the inclusion of beta-glucan, mineral salts, pumpkin seeds, turmeric, black pepper, acacia fiber, chicory root, apricots, dates, ginger root, cardamom, dates, orange and lemon. These bites are 30 calories each, and come in a single Turmeric Ginger flavor.

The Daily Essentials are available for $39 for a one-month starter kit, while a 30-day supply of the Immunity Essentials sells for $65 for a one-time purchase, or $55 for a monthly subscription that allows you to save 15% every month.


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The Experience

Daily Essentials Cacao

While my first round of GEM Daily Essentials came in the brand's sleek metal containers, this time around, they send me smaller sampler bags of each of the flavors to enjoy. I started with the Cacao flavor I was familiar with, and found that I loved it as much as ever. Though the odd fish food-like scent remained, it didn't bother me in the slightest, and I was prepared for the nutty, crunchy and just-chocolatey-enough flavor of the bite.

And just like before, not long after eating the chewy bite, I felt great. I had more energy and concentration. Maybe that was just because this 35-calorie bit feels like substantial food, and maybe it really is because of the great ingredients packed inside. Plus, because it tasted great, I was reminded the next day that I had yet another tasty GEM bite to try.


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Daily Essentials Peppermint

I was surprised by the Peppermint bite because, despite not actually including any chocolate, the flavor reminded me somewhat of a York Peppermint Patty. The mint sounded weird at first, but it wound up being refreshing and delicious, rather than bizarre, and was somehow just as craveable as the chocolate.

And, like the Cacao flavor before it, eating this bite made me feel good. I typically take a multivitamin and omega 3 supplements, but they never leave me feeling satisfied and ready to take on the day as GEM does.


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Daily Essentials Lemon

Last but not least of the Daily Essentials bites, I tried the Lemon, which seemed to be the odd one of the bunch. Again, I was surprised, but the lemon flavor here really worked well with the natural fruits, nuts and other ingredients in the bite to make it strangely tasty.

No surprises here—it was just as effective as the other two flavors at making me feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, which is always welcome during lethargic pandemic times.


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Immunity Essentials Turmeric Ginger Citrus

Of course, of all of the GEM goodies I was sent, I was most curious about their new Immunity Essentials bites, and these certainly offered something completely different from what I'd had from the brand before. Firstly, the texture and look of these bites was completely different, with a bright orange color, punctuated by bits of fruit, and a more clay-like texture. The fragrance was a bit spicy, giving it an almost savory effect, making me very curious to bite in.


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The mouthfeel of this bite was also entirely different—slightly spongier and less dense—and the flavor was a blend of many different tastes, from fruity to peppery and gingery, with a bold citrus peel aftertaste. While I didn't find it as craveable as the Daily Essentials bites, it did taste healthy, and invigorating, giving me the impression that it was doing its job.

And while there's not much I can say to the efficacy of the bites—I received only a five-day supply—I can say that I haven't gotten sick at all since consuming the five bites in the pack, and that was during a cold snap and the two snowiest days I've had in two years. Maybe that counts for something?


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Bottom Line

GEM may not be the most inexpensive way to get the vitamins and minerals you need—and now, the immune support you crave—but in my experience, it provides benefits you can feel, which is more than I can say for any other vitamin regimen I've ever been on. Their daily multivitamins taste so good you'll be tempted to eat more than one every day, and their Immunity Essentials contain everything you'd want out of an immunity-boosting superfood smoothie.

I've had nothing but positive experiences with the brand, and if they're in your budget, I bet you'll feel the same. I'd be just as curious to see if their new Calm and Sleep vitamins work, too.


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