9 Posts You'll Only Understand If You Think Gen Z Is the Best Generation

While millennials get all kinds of flack, Gen Z has sort of flown under the radar.

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But we can't help but love this up-and-coming generation, particularly for their dark humor, social awareness and ability to make a joke out of almost anything.

If you're on board with the idea that today's youth are clearly the superior age group, keep scrolling for nine posts you'll only understand if you think Gen Z is the best generation.

1. Nothing fazes them:

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2. They can all admit their faults:

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3. Their humor can be a little dark:

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4. Okay, a lot dark:

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5. But it certainly gives them a distinctive culture:

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6. A culture that no one else can fully relate to:


7. They have very specific talents:


8. And their work ethic is fantastic:


9. So it's settled, Gen Z is clearly the best generation:

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