14 Relatable Memes Perfect for Celebrating Scorpio Season

Welcome to your season, Scorpio.

On Oct. 23, we switched out of peaceful Libra and found ourselves immediately caught up in the intensity and mystery of Scorpio season.

It's no surprise to anyone that you're not the most popular sign in the zodiac, Scorpio, mostly due to your aloof and cold exterior. But hey, you don't need everyone to like you, so you might as well laugh about your tumultuous personality. And we know just how to get a giggle out of you.

Keep scrolling for 14 memes every Scorpio will definitely relate to.

1. You mean to tell us there's a happy medium?

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2. It takes time:


3. Um, okay…we're going to go then:

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4. Ugh, so close:


5. Nope, don't need this:


6. Oh, this isn't that scary:


7. Down the trash chute with that nonsense:


8. And yes, we will continue to carry this around:

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9. More of that, please:


10. It's working so far:

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11. We have receipts: 

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12. How. Dare. You:

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13. Sorry, got distracted:

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14. Great advice! But no, thank you:

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