The Perfect Gifts for 14-Year-Old Boys

Shopping for a teenage guy is far from easy, especially when it comes to selecting a good gift.

Not only is it hard to find something that he'll actually use as well as like, but their preferences seem to change so often it can be hard to keep up. If you're trying to find the perfect gift for a 14-year-old boy, though, you're not without hope. That's because we're here to help—and it's all broken down in this list of perfect gifts for 14-year-old boys:

1. This Gamer Gift Set That Does All the Hard Work for You: $56

You'd be hard-pressed to find a 14-year-old boy who doesn't love gaming, making this gift set an absolutely perfect gift. Found on Etsy, this set comes with everything the gamer guy in your life needs to keep comfy while playing his favorites. Plus, it's personalized with his name on it, which adds a touch you can't always get with products you'd find elsewhere.

etsy kalyasgiftbox gamer gift box

(via Etsy)


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2. This Portable, Waterproof Speaker for the Music Lover You Know: $40

For the music-loving 14-year-old boy you know, this waterproof speaker from Amazon is the perfect gift. It's small, portable and immune to any splashes that might happen along the way wherever he takes it, whether that be poolside or to the beach.

eduplink portable bluetooth speaker

(via Amazon)


3. These Wireless Headphones for the Guy That Keeps Losing His: $21.23+

If you're tired of having to listen to the music that he loves so much, however, maybe opt for these waterproof wireless headphones as the perfect gift. And since most 14-year-old boys have a hard time keeping track of their belongings sometimes, you can even get them in a bright color to make them a little harder to lose.

tozo store true wireless earbuds

(via Amazon)


4. A Spotify Premium Membership to Go With Those Headphones: $99

$99 may not be cheap for a gift, but when you consider that this gets you an entire year of Spotify Premium service, it does seem like a pretty great deal after all. Plus, there's no point in getting the 14-year-old boy those headphones or that speaker if they have nothing to listen to! Available from Best Buy, this gift is the perfect accompaniment.

spotify premium subscription

(via Best Buy)


5. This RipStik for the Real Life Skater Boy: $127.84

If you're shopping for a gift for the skater boy who's already bored of all his existing boards, try exciting him with something new with this Razor RipStick, available on Amazon.

Razor lipstick dlc caster board

(via Amazon)


6. These Polarized Sunglasses That Are as Cool as They Are Protective: $35

Classic weekender sunglasses are a gift you just can't go wrong with—they look great on just about anyone! This pair from Huckberry, an ultra-cool brand that's popular with teens everywhere, even comes with polarized lenses for premier protection and a great look that lasts through sun, snow and everything in between, without the hefty pricetag.

Huckberry weekenders sunglasses

(via Huckberry)


7. This Mini-Projector You'll Be Lucky If He Lets You Share With Him: $89.99

Got a lover of all things streaming in your life? How about a budding movie buff? Whatever the 14-year-old boy you know loves to watch, he'll love watching it so much more when it's projected from this portable Kodak KODAK LUMA 75 Portable Pocket Projector, which can mirror his phone or connect to his favorite devices by HDMI.

kodak luma 150 portable wireless projector

(via Kodak)


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8. These Budget-Friendly Socks That Can't Go Wrong: $14

Looking for a perfect stocking stuffer or something for the jock that already has it all? These socks by Bombas, a brand popular with teens and adults alike, couldn't be more perfect. They're classic, ridiculously comfy and high-quality, and purchasing one pair means that another pair gets donated, making it truly the gift that keeps on giving. Now that's a present you can feel good about.

Bombas Men's Originals Calf Socks

(via Bombas)


So, whether you're shopping for a guy who loves to game or a guy you can't seem to get off the field, there's no doubt a gift on this list that's perfect for the 14-year-old boy you know. Need a gift for a 14-year-old girl while you're at it? We can help you there, too. Just click HERE for our list of the best gifts for 14-year-old girls.