Fans of The Office Will Adore These 10 Gifts From Etsy

If you're not a fan of The Office, we don't trust you.

Just kidding! But in all seriousness, it's one of the best shows of all time (in our humble opinion). If you happen to know someone who is super obsessed with the show and you're looking for a gift to get them, we've got you covered. Look below for 10 gifts from Etsy that fans of The Office will adore.

319CUSTOMS Dundie Award: $24.99

Trust us when we say the person you're gifting will absolutely love this Dundie award. Every year at Dunder Mifflin, the company throws the Dundie Awards, and this trophy will not only look amazing on your friend's desk, but it can also be personalized with their name!

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SunnyBrownstoneGift Stapler in Jello Soap: $20+

Remember the stapler in jello episode? If that's your friend's type of humor, they will totally get a kick out of this. Instead of being in real jello, it's actually a soap that they can use! It's available in five different scents, including unscented.

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givelaughterandlove Serenity By Jan Candle: $24.99+

Serenity By Jan was one of our favorite story arcs on The Office, and we think this would make one amazing, hilarious gift. There are tons of scents to choose from, meaning your friend will actually light this baby up!

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JimAndPamsGiftShop That's What She Said Coffee Mug: $10.99+

"That's what she said" is a saying that's been said probably hundreds (okay, probably not that much) of times on the entirety of The Office. This was Michael Scott's very favorite saying, and we just adore how it looks on a coffee mug.

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CustomTeaShirt Schrute Farms Tee: $11.19+

We love every episode that features Schrute Family Farms and think this tee is simply adorable! The person you plan on gifting this to can wear it to bed, the gym, with leggings—truly anytime, anywhere! Plus, it comes in a number of colors to choose from.

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319CUSTOMS Assistant to the Regional Manager Name Plate: $17.99

Being an assistant manager is way different than being an assistant to the regional manager, which Dwight could not wrap his head around for some time! This is such a cute gift idea and would look amazing on anyone's home desk.

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HappyBagCo Prison Mike Keychain: $11

Prison Mike is one of our favorite impressions done by Michael Scott—like, how can you not laugh? When we found this keychain, we just knew it would be perfect for fans of The Office. Plus, the tassel detail comes in multiple color options.

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AbeWorkshop Dwight Schrute Custom Birthday Card: $19.99+

We know, we know, $20 is a lot for a birthday card, but this is one we think your friend would keep for years to come. This seller takes a picture and makes a custom illustration. It honestly might be our favorite item on this list!

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SassyCraftsByJess Flour Sack Kitchen Towels: $14

If your friend likes to cook and watch The Office, why not combine their love of both by giving them these adorable kitchen towels? There are five styles to choose from, and each one is as cute as the last.

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TwistedCrafters The Office Pencils: $7.90+

Whether your friend is a writer, likes to journal or you can't think of anything else, these pencils are a great gift idea. Each pencil has a funny quote or catchphrase from The Office and we're sure they will want to put these on display.

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