The Perfect Gifts for Marvel Fans

Whether you're a Marvel superfan yourself or simply someone who may have seen a film here and there, there's a good chance you've got a huge Marvel fan in your life.

Fans of this franchise are like no other. They're intense, they're loyal and they will absolutely appreciate anything Marvel-themed at any time, so when it's time to buy the Marvel fan in your life a gift, you need to know what to do and where to go. Thankfully, we've made it easier than it is for the Hulk to smash through a wall. All you need to is reference this list of the perfect gifts for Marvel fans, starting off strong with:

1. This Subtly Printed Shirt for the Marvel-Loving Guy in Your Life: $70

This shirt is the perfect combination of practical and nerdy, as you wouldn't even know from afar that the colorful pattern on the navy button-up actually consists of a Marvel roll call of characters.

RSVLTS marvel roll call shirt

(via RSVLTS)


2. This Adorable Baby Groot Pen Holder for the Studious Fan: $10

Coming in at just $10 is this affordable yet adorable Baby Groot pen holder that doubles as a planter, which is honestly so cute that you might have to get one for yourself while you're at it.

glosell baby groot pen pot

(via Amazon)


3. This Captain America Cooking Set: $20

For the captain who likes to cook (or just lazily take a frozen pizza out of the oven, no judgment), this Captain America shield spatula and pizza cutter set is the perfect gift.

tonyk marvel captain america silver spatula pizza cutter bundle

(via Amazon)


4. This Wakanda Cookbook to Give Them Something to Cook: $15.70

There are about a thousand reasons why any Marvel fan would want to visit the realm of Wakanda, with the food being just one. Now, your favorite Black Panther fan can cook up a feast fit for a king themselves with the help of this official cookbook.

Marvel black panther wakanda cookbook

(via Amazon)


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5. This Light-Up Tesseract for the Fan Who Has Trouble Sleeping: $65

Available from Etsy, this handmade gift is perfect for any Marvel fan who needs a little extra light at night (and it just looks really cool sitting on a desk, too).

(via Etsy)


6. This Fluffy Creature for the Fan Who Needs Something to Cuddle With: $13

Anyone who saw the Marvel film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will know that one character stole the whole show without uttering a single word: Morris. This fluffy, albeit faceless, hero is so cute that there's hardly a Marvel fan out there that wouldn't want to cuddle with it, and now they can.

Mattel Morris Shang-Chi plush

(via Gamefly)


7. This Mini Bluetooth Speaker That Will Have Their Spidey Senses Tingling: $9.93

Small but mighty is how we would describe this speaker, which packs a punch for its size and is perfectly portable for any fan on the go.

Bitty Boomers Store Spider-Man Mini Bluetooth Speaker

(via Amazon)


8. These Makeup Brushes for the Budding Special Effects Artist: $13

The brushes that this set comes with are so beautiful that they could almost be displayed as art, but they are in fact makeup tools worthy of even the finest of cosmetics-loving Marvel fans.

rongi jewelry store marvel makeup brushes

(via Amazon)


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9. This Shirt for the Fan Who's More Than Just a Fan: $23

It says it right on the shirt (in lettering that displays some of the most beloved characters in the Marvel universe, of course): this shirt from Amazon is the perfect gift for the Marvel fan who's more than just a fan.

marvel store more than a fan t-hirt

(via Amazon)


10. This Awesome Book About Marvel Superhero Anatomy: $76.50

If you're buying a gift for a not-so-urgent Marvel fan's b-day that's happening after Oct. 25, Marvel Anatomy: A Scientific Study of the Superhuman might be just the thing for them. It includes over 100 unique illustrations digging into more than 60 heroes (and villains) and their super anatomy, giving just the kinds of insight a superfan loves.

Marvel anatomy book cover

(via Amazon)


Now that you've got your shopping list handy for your favorite Marvel fan, you might need to pick something up for someone else while you're at it, too. If that other individual happens to be a teenage boy, don't worry one moment—we can help.

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