Are Ginger Shots Really Keeping You Healthy? Here's What the Experts Say

Your favorite influencer swears that her morning ginger shot is why she hasn't caught a cold in years, and blogs rave about the immunity-boosting powers of the golden beverage. Now, it's not just your local health food shop that carries these golden drinks: Even your supermarket has dozens of prepackaged shots stacked on the shelves.

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With prices ranging from two bucks to nearly eight, it's worth wondering if these tiny drinks are actually worth the hype, or just another fad that won't do much for you but drain your wallet. The answer, as it turns out, is a little complicated.

The general consensus amongst experts is that ginger does have good-for-you properties. According to the BBC's Good Food, ginger combats nausea, and because it encourages perspiration, can be used to treat symptoms of the cold or flu. Studies have also shown that ginger has potent anti-inflammatory compounds which can give your immune system a boost, just like the shots promise.

Before you buy a mini-fridge for your ginger shots, however, it's worth noting that many popular brands aren't only delivering these good-for-you properties. Oftentimes, these ginger drinks are watered down with orange juice, honey or lemon in order to make the spicy ginger more palatable.

"Nobody needs to drink orange juice, so consider [the fact that] you're paying for a shot of sugar with some spicy extract," Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, RDN, of Essence Nutrition explained to Women's Health of the ginger shot trend. 

In addition to paying a lot of money for a drink that may mostly be orange juice, acidic foods can potentially cause an upset stomach, especially if you deal with acid reflux.

Registered dietician Alice Smith also told Novant Health to be wary of thinking of these ginger shots as a "quick fix."

"Ginger also may help you avoid getting sick, but you've also got to exercise, get sleep and wash your hands," she explained to the outlet, adding that you can also add ginger to smoothies, soups, and salads instead of relying on a daily shot. 

The bottom line? If you like the taste, ginger is a compound worth including in your diet. If you're on a budget, though, you probably don't need to invest in a ginger shot as a daily indulgence, no matter how healthy it may seem.


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