These Glitter Lip Products Will Add Some Extra Sparkle to Your Pout

No makeup look is ever complete without a healthy dose of shimmer—and we're not talking about highlighter.

Glitter is always a must when it comes to our beauty routine, which is why we're always sure to add some to our precious pout.

Scroll below for some iridescent lip products that'll leave your lips sparkling like a disco ball.

Unicorn Snot Glitter Lip Gloss: $7.99

Nothing is sparklier than a unicorn, so you can only imagine how shiny your lips will look with this lip gloss on your lips. It comes in a variety of colors, too, which gives you the option to switch it up as often as you like.

Unicorn Snot glitter lip glosses

(via Unicorn Snot)


Lime Crime Diamond Crushers: $20

Lime Crime's Diamond Crushers collection is chock-full of shimmery lip shades that are meant to top your go-to matte lipstick.

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers

(via Lime Crime)


Ciaté London Glitter Flip Lipstick: $19

This liquid lipstick is magic in a bottle. Simply apply your color of choice, let it dry for two minutes, rub your lips together and be amazed by the colorful display on your lips.

Ciaté London Glitter Flip lipstick

(via Ciaté London)


Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Topcoat: $9

Urban Decay's topcoat goes on over any lipstick you want and is long-lasting and water-resistant. Nothing can remove the sparkle from your lips.

Urban Decay Vice Special Effects topcoat

(via Urban Decay)


Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil Lipstick: $22

If you're already a fan of Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, you'll adore these Glimmer Veil Lipsticks. A mixture of dark and bright colors, there's a gleaming lippie for everyone in this collection.

Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil

(via Kat Von D)


Fenty Beauty Hyper-Glitz Lipstick: $19

Although there are only a few shades available in this collection, Fenty Beauty's Hyper-Glitz Lipstick colors look good on every single skin tone. Everyone can rock these shiny hues.

Fenty Beauty Hyper-Glitz Lipstick

(via Fenty Beauty)


Too Faced La Creme Mystical Lipstick: $22

Too Faced's mystical lipstick collection is as enchanting as it gets. These four glistening shades will add the perfect amount of flair to any look.

Too Faced La Creme Mystical Lipstick

(via Too Faced)


If you want to keep your glitter on all day, HERE's the one product you need in your makeup bag.