THIS Starlet Showed Us How You Wear Glitter the Right Way

Glitter roots—they're marvelous, but they're not the easiest trend to pull off.

There is one celeb, however, who had us running to the beauty supply store to grab a container of pure sparkly greatness to sprinkle all over our roots. The inspiring starlet? None other than actress Dakota Fanning!

Last night at the Neon Demon premiere, the magical glitter fairy gave Dakota a bop on the head and blessed her with the most gorgeous roots we've seen thus far.

Dakota Fanning at her younger sister Elle Fanning's 'Neon Demon' premiere

(Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Stringer)

How stunning does she look?! Every mermaid is probably sea green with envy over her shimmering style.

Leave it to Dakota to cause a resurgence in our desire to rock glitter roots everywhere we go.


Dakota's roots certainly inspired us to experiment with some crazy hairstyles for our own locks. We may even be so bold as to dye our mane the newly popularized watermelon hair color. You'd look uh-mazing in the color, too, and HERE's all the proof you need.