Foodies, stop what you are doing and take a seat—glonuts, aka, glow-in-the-dark donuts are a thing. A beautiful, glowing and practically out-of-this-world thing. Can you believe it? ????

Here’s the only catch: They’re sold in Sydney, Australia.

The bakery responsible for these delightfully glowing treats is Black Star Pastry, and, yes, they are only in Australia.

So what exactly makes this beautiful pastry glow?

Black Star Pastry explained on their Instagram that this donut is just like any other except it’s made with yuzu glaze (yuzu is a citrus fruit) that glows when put under a blacklight.

Gorgeous, huh?

When the treat isn’t under a blacklight it still has a vibrant yellowish green color.

TBH, we think it looks just as pretty when it isn’t glowing.

Although we can’t currently get our hands on these bad boys in the U.S., I can only imagine that the trend will soon catch on over here. Fingers crossed!


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