A Small Town in Ireland Just Crowned This Goat as Their King

Who needs human power anyway?

Nothing can compare to the one week out of the year when a wild mountain goat is the official king of a small Irish town.

For decades, locals in the Irish village of Killorglin have been celebrating the Puck Fair, one of Ireland's oldest festivals. While no one knows the exact origins of the occurrence, one of the central customs is the crowning of King Puck.

And who gets the honor of the King Puck title? Well, none other than a wild mountain goat, obviously.

This past Thursday was King Puck's official coronation. He was paraded through the streets and officially crowned in front of an excited crowd of festival-goers.

While we think the goat looks a bit nervous about his newfound responsibility, he will live in peace and comfort until the end of the Puck Fair, when his reign is officially over and he will be released back into the wild.

Click HERE to see more photos of King Puck's exciting coronation!


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