Gossip Girl Reboot Characters as Ice Cream Flavors

Okay, we are officially one month into the HBO reboot of the iconic teen drama Gossip Girl, and we're just a tad obsessed.

From the stunningly diverse cast to the epic soundtrack to the unparalleled fashions, we can't look away. And what better way to honor our new fave summer show than by comparing the gorgeous cast to delish ice cream flavors? And that's not all—we've also included links to some of our favorite recipe blogs so you can make your favorite characters' flavor at home.

Julien Calloway – Strawberry

Sweet, popular, and absolutely beautiful, there's no doubt that queen bee Julien Calloway is strawberry. Strawberry ice cream is tasty, inviting, aspirational, and photographs perfectly for Instagram (priorities!). It may not be for everyone, but the people who love it bow down and are super-loyal. Jule-lions, assemble!

Julien Gossip Girl as Ice Cream

(Gossip Girl via HBO/via I Heart Nap Time)


Audrey Hope – Vanilla

With her classic style, sweet demeanor, and hidden edgy side, Audrey is def vanilla. While some people may think vanilla ice cream is basic, don't be fooled. Like a scoop of vanilla with surprising flecks of vanilla bean hidden throughout, Audrey Hope continues her journey this season discovering exciting new aspects of herself, all while sporting stunning knit sweaters and charming neck bows.

Audrey Gossip Girl Ice Cream

(Gossip Girl via HBO/via Add a Pinch)


Max Wolfe – Buttered Pecan

Max Wolfe is an acquired taste, and in the immortal words of Ramona Singer, "if you don't like me, acquire some taste." With his exciting sense of style and unpredictable behavior as he flits around the Upper East Side, Max Wolfe has the complexity and irresistibility of a hefty scoop of buttered pecan on a hot day.

max gossip girl ice cream

(Gossip Girl via HBO/via The Toasty Kitchen)


Zoya Lott – Neopolitan

Like a lovely scoop of Neopolitan ice cream, Zoya Lott is not only beautiful, but the girl's got layers. Whether she's trying to solve societal issues with her activism, bond with her sister Julien, sneak away for a date with Obie or just get Gossip Girl to leave her alone, Zoya is not only adorable, but she's striving to figure herself out in the throes of the neverending soap opera that is being the new girl at Constance Billard.

Zoya - Gossip Girl as Ice Cream

(Gossip Girl via HBO/via Curly Girl Kitchen)


Luna La – Mint Chocolate Chip

Chic, refreshing, icy and polarizing, there's no doubt that Luna La is mint chocolate chip. With her silky blowout and exceptional style, not to mention sheer boredom over her own fabulosity, Luna La is Constance royalty. You may not be her biggest fan, but with her chilly sense of humor, enviable closet and large fanbase, surely you know better than to let anyone know.

Luna Gossip Girl Ice Cream

(Gossip Girl via HBO/via Chocolate with Grace)


Aki Menzies – Chocolate

Simple and adorable, Aki has the derpy deliciousness of a sensible scoop of chocolate ice cream. Chocolate ice cream may accidentally run down your arm and get you all sticky, but it definitely isn't intentional. While chocolate ice cream may create some messes, there's no question it's pleasant, darling and uber-likable.

Aki gossip Girl as ice cream

(Gossip Girl via HBO/via 5 Boys Baker)


Obie Bergmann IV – Moose Tracks

We're only four episodes in, but Obie Bergmann IV is as messy as a melting cone of moose tracks. Sure, in theory, you'll have a great time with him. Just look at all those yummy ingredients! Rich, hot, socially aware, chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter cups, but just wait. One minute you're having a great time, the next minute you've ruined your favorite Brandy Melville top thanks to a rogue peanut butter cup that fell down your shirt. You may be tempted, but be careful!

Obie Gossip Girl As Ice Cream

(Gossip Girl via HBO/via Whitney Bond)


Monet De Haan – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Given that Monet De Haan is the GOAT, we had no choice but to give her the GOAT of ice cream flavors. Chocolate Chip Cookie dough doesn't need external validation, it simply knows it's the best. It will outsell all other ice cream flavors because it is undeniably likable, and will make its way to the top of every Buzzfeed list whether you like it or not. Its burst of frosty flavor in each cookie dough bite makes it impossible to deny. In fact, you might be intimidated by just how amazing this ice cream flavor is, and that's okay. You should be. A shrewd businesswoman with boundless ambition and arresting good looks, Monet De Haan is the human embodiment of chocolate chip cookie dough.

Monet Gossip Girl as Ice Cream

(Gossip Girl via HBO/via Celebrating Sweets)


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