Halloween doesn’t necessarily have to be costly or stressful!

We’ve rounded up the best hacks for creative costumes with products already sitting in your makeup drawer.

Bronzer and Gold Eyeshadow

A combination of bronzer and gold eyeshadow is great for animal costumes. You can use an eyeshadow brush to create animal spots with the bronzer and add depth by adding in another layer of dots made with gold eyeshadow. Alternatively, you can also use the bronzer as a darker base and use the golden eyeshadow to mimic your animal’s spots. The costume possibilities are many: You can be a deer, a cheetah or a cat with these two products.

Halloween Cheetah Makeup(via Glaminati)


Liquid Matte Lipstick in Red Shade

Fake blood is a common prop, but the price tag of a tube can be scarier than your actual costume! Fear not, we’ve found a priceless hack. Use your favorite matte liquid lipstick in your reddest shade as a fake blood substitute. Make sure you don’t use the wand to apply it as that won’t create the scary effect you want. Instead, let the liquid drip directly into your skin, allowing gravity to do its thing. The weight of the liquid will make it trail down your skin creating that fake blood look. Another important tip is to allow enough time for it to dry between application and heading out to your Halloween festivities. Red liquid lipstick is tough to remove from clothing, and taking this precaution will alleviate a lot of headaches later.

Halloween makeup(via Ideas Para)


Black Liquid Eyeliner

Every beauty junkie has at least one liquid eyeliner in black. Put it to good use this Halloween by using it to create a design on your face. We’ve pictured an amazing spiderweb creation above but you can also use it to do comic book style makeup. Another option is using it to outline your mouth or smudging it below your eyes for a zombie look.

Halloween spider web makeup(via Pinterest)


Glitter Eyeshadow

One of our favorite Halloween looks can be created using one of the many glitter eyeshadows you already own. This beauty blogger achieved an awe-inspiring look by mimicking a zipper with makeup on her face and then filling in the “open” part with glitter eyeshadow. This hack is not only genius but incredibly easy to pull off. Don’t be shy and make sure to use the glittery eyeshadow heavily.  Should you not want to use an actual zipper, the design can be drawn on with black liquid eyeliner.


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