Sweet and Savory Halloween Party Treats That Are Almost Too Scary to Eat ????

What's spookier than ghosts and goblins, you ask? A Halloween party without treats to munch on. The horror. ????

This year, make sure there's something for everyone to munch on by hopping in the kitchen and making one of these creepily cute sweet and savory treats.

Witch's Finger Breadsticks

Breadsticks are almost always a crowd pleaser, but the fact that these happen to be themed is a bonus. These shockingly realistic fingers taste best when they're paired with maple mustard. Can you say yum? The full recipe can be found HERE.

Witch's finger DIY breadsticks

(via Epicurious)


Cookie Dough Mummies

If you don't want to spend hours in the kitchen, this no-bake recipe will be your go-to. Best part? The raw cookie dough in the recipe is perfectly safe to eat! Just try not eating them all at once. The recipe for this adorable treat can be found HERE.

Cookie dough mummies DIY

(via Catch My Party)


Mummy Pumpkin Cookies

I'm sorry, but are these not the cutest cookies you've ever seen? If the cuteness factor doesn't pique your interest, then the taste factor surely will. Pumpkin, cinnamon and brown sugar are just a few of the sweet ingredients that make this cookie truly tasty. Whip up a batch of your own by following the recipe HERE.

Mummy Pumpkin Cookies

(via OMG Chocolate Desserts)


Halloween Pizza

There's never not a good time for pizza. Try giving your pie a little Halloween spirit by dressing it up with a spooky design. It's really all in the toppings! Find out exactly how to make these festive pizzas HERE.

Halloween pizza

(via Family Fresh Meals)


Sugar Cookie Cake

And for guests who don't want actual pizza, they can nibble on this sugar cookie pizza. Yep, that's right, this pizza pie is just about as sweet as they come with frosting, sprinkles and candy galore. If you're ready to send your party guests into a sugar coma, follow the recipe HERE.

DIY Halloween Sugar Cookie Cake

(via Lil' Luna)


Toxic Waste Mac & Cheese

Despite the name of this dish, there's nothing toxic about this mac & cheese—it's delish. Nothing can scare us away from making, tasting and serving a beloved meal like this. For the full spooky recipe go HERE.

Toxic waste Mac & Cheese

(via Cooking With Curls)


Melted Witch Bark

This recipe calls for some of our fave ingredients: Oreos, chocolate chips, pretzels and peanut butter cups. Do we really need to convince you why you should make this? Just look at it. You can find instructions for making this recipe HERE.

DIY Melted Witch Bark

(via Lil' Luna)


Breadstick Bones

If the witch's finger breadsticks above weren't cutting it for you, then these super cheesy breadstick bones should do the trick. Make sure you leave time to make some marinara sauce for the full effect. The recipe for this can be found HERE.

DIY Halloween breadstick bones

(via Just a Taste)


Candy Corn Popcorn

No Halloween-themed party is ever complete without something candy corn-flavored. And in our opinion, this popcorn adds a perfect twist to the classic confection. All you really have to do is melt marshmallows, butter, candy corn and M&M's together, and you've got yourself a perfect salty and sweet snack. Recipe can be found HERE.

Candy corn popcorn

(via Two Sisters Crafting)


Your oven is already on, so why hop out of the kitchen? Keep baking and maybe try making a batch of one of THESE spooktacular cupcakes.