Gorgeous and Gory Halloween Makeup Looks From Instagram

Halloween is right around the corner, so we hope you've made your final decisions about what you're going to be.

If you don't want to go all out on a costume, why not rock a killer makeup look?

These gorgeous and gory Halloween-inspired beauty looks from Instagram will give you all the inspo you need to get started on your own.

Pumpkin Head

Imagine if everyone was really a pumpkin posing as a human. How cool would that be?

A photo posted by Brenna (@artbybmazz) on


Melting Face

Her face may be melting, but she still looks unbelievably gorg.


Evil Pixie

This is one sneaky little pixie you don't want to mess with.


Cheshire Cat

We're all mad here.



And that's exactly why we're afraid of snakes.

A photo posted by Catarina ???? (@catarinabisbig) on


Circus Clown

Clowns are always creepy, but this look is really giving us the heebie jeebies.



Someone woke up on the wrong side of the sarcophagus.

A photo posted by Fernanda Machado (@pompberry) on



We wonder how different life would be if you were being controlled by an alien the whole time.


Googly Eyes

They're always watching…

A video posted by Caroline (@cpresso) on


Queen of the Undead

We only hope we look this good in the afterlife.


Sliced Face

Let's face it, this makeup is a cut above the rest.


Skull Balloon

At first glance, we definitely thought this was a real balloon. But then we realized it was makeup and were totally thrown off.


Voodoo Doll

Hey there, doll face. What's got you so down?


Infected Zombie

We sure hope she's been quarantined by now. 


Scary Fairy

This is how nightmares happen.

A photo posted by mykie (@mykie_) on


We'll admit these Halloween makeup looks are a bit difficult to recreate for the holiday, but THESE Snapchat-inspired looks are much easier.