Make Your Fave Snapchat Filters Come to Life This Halloween With the Magic of Makeup

We think by now you know and understand our deep appreciation for Snapchat.

What's not to love about an app that allows us to filter ourselves into puppies, savage bunnies and majestic unicorns?

A slew of YouTube makeup artists have picked up on our obsession and have created Snapchat-inspired makeup tutorials that will help bring these filters to life—and just in time for Halloween!

Scroll below to see why we think these 10 crazy looks are worth trying on yourself this All Hallows' Eve!

The Butterfly Crown Filter

Because this is by far our favorite filter. It can make anyone look angelic.


The Infamous Snapchat Bratz Filter

Why rock this look? Because minimum effort is required and you'll be sure to get a few laughs! ????


The Adorable Deer Filter

Because it's so simple, so chic and so perfect for Halloween!


The Strawberry-Face Filter

Because, who doesn't want to look like their fave fruit? Too cute!


The Pop Art Filter

Because you're a super animated girl, and this makeup look really accentuates that.


The Glam Lion Filter

Because you're fierce. Lions are fierce. If you become a lion, you're double the fierce. Simple math!


The Jeweled Filter

Because we all know that jewels and crystals are the most alluring accessories in existence and this uh-maze look takes less than an hour!


The Watercolor Pop Art Filter

Because you'll look like you're crying rainbows. It's a beautiful/magical thing, but obvi not recommended as an everyday look.


The Lips As Eyes Filter

Because if you can recreate this look we guarantee you will scare all your friends and family in the best way possible.


The Classic Puppy Dog Filter

Because cuteness factor with a face like this is real high and it takes no time at all!


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