These Halloween-Themed Nail Designs Are All Sorts of Creepy and Kooky

From sinister clowns to sweet jack o' lanterns, Halloween nails are always a sight to see.

Scroll below to see some of the creepiest and kookiest Halloween-inspired nail designs from Instagram.

Haunted House Nail Art

Is it weird that we think this haunted house looks rather inviting?


Vampire Nail Art

These nails suck, but in a good way.

A photo posted by Ashley Sellens (@amh_nails) on


Spider Nail Art

Those eight-legged freaks look a lot less terrifying when they're whimsical nail art.

A photo posted by @nailsbyfg on


Frankenstein Nail Art

It's alive!


Graveyard Nail Art

These nails are boo-tiful.

A photo posted by Nail art by blaggy (@blaggy_94) on


Jack Skellington Nail Art

The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of our fave Halloween movies, so we're obsessing over this nail design.

A photo posted by Giovanna (@gioviluna) on


Bat Nail Art

They even glow in the dark.


Pumpkin Nail Art

Nothing screams Halloween quite like a jack-o-lantern.

A photo posted by Lindsay (@ohlerin) on


Black Cat Nail Art

How can black cats be unlucky when they're so darn cute?

A photo posted by Nivescici (@nivescici) on


Hocus Pocus Nail Art

You can bet we'll be rocking these on Halloween.

A photo posted by Janet Davis (@gypsy.nail.girl) on


Candy Corn Nail Art

It may be the most hated of all the Halloween candy, but we love it and this nail art.

A photo posted by Hannah (@hannah_banana_nails_) on


Eyeball Nail Art

They're watching you…????

A photo posted by Mary Helen (@dailyenail) on


Witch Hat Nail Art

Which witch hat would you rock?

A photo posted by Ira (@xchocolatewitchx) on


Evil Clown Nail Art

Yep, that's horrifying.


Movie Monsters Nail Art

They did the monster mash.????


A Nightmare on Elm Street Nail Art

One, two, Freddy's coming for you.

A video posted by Rebecca (@rebeccas.nails) on


Green Goo Nail Art

An ooey gooey masterpiece.


Mummy Nail Art

Try not to get too wrapped up in this design.

A photo posted by PiggieLuv (@narmai) on


Caramel Apple Nail Art

One bite and all your dreams will come true.

A photo posted by Mary Helen (@dailyenail) on


Ouija Board Nail Art

Have anything you want to ask the spirits?


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