These Pictures Prove That Even Fish Can Dress Up for Halloween

Dressing up for Halloween is one of our favorite things over here at Sweety High.

In fact, we've got so much holiday spirit that we take it upon ourselves to make sure everyone in our lives and household throw on a costume and celebrate with us—pets included.

Meet Señorita Fishy, she belongs to one of Sweety High's very own, Jess Haber.

Sweety High's Fish, Seniorita Fishy

(Photo Credit: Jess Haber)

This year, Jess wants to make sure her fishy friend is equally as festive as she will be come All Hallows' Eve, so she designed seven unique and adorable fish bowl costumes. Yep, you read that right.

Let this be a testament that if this fish can get in the Halloween spirit, so can you! Scroll below for this latest costume inspo that's sure to make a splash.

Princess Fish Bowl

We don't think it's possible for a fish to get more of a royal treatment than with this fish bowl decor.

Princess Fish Bowl Costume

(Photo Credit: Jess Haber)


Bat Mask Fish Bowl

This simple mask adds instant flair and spooky vibes to an otherwise plain and festive-less bowl.

Fish bowl bat mask

(Photo Credit: Jess Haber)


Tiger Mask Fish Bowl

Señorita Fishy can stare her enemy right in the eye with this giant cat mask.

Fish bowl tiger mask

(Photo Credit: Jess Haber)


Pirate Fish Bowl

Arghhh, could there be a more adorable costume?

Pirate Fish Bowl Costume

(Photo Credit: Jess Haber)


Mummy Fish Bowl

Fishy is bound to feel creepy and cool with this getup.

Mummy fish bowl costume

(Photo Credit: Jess Haber)


Witches Cauldron Fish Bowl

Can we talk about how this witches cauldron would be a Halloween haven for just about any creature?  

Witch Cauldron Fish Bowl Costume

(Photo Credit: Jess Haber)


Witch Fish Bowl

And if she really wants a classic Halloween costume, Fishy can just opt for this jack o' lantern witch, lights and all!

Witch Fish Bowl Costume

(Photo Credit: Jess Haber)


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