What better way to celebrate fall than with a few pumpkin-themed sweet treats?

‘Tis the season to bake up a storm and get into the spirit of spook, so if you need a reason to bust out the cookie cutters, we’ve got it right here.

Scroll down for a few recipes perfect to get into the Halloween spirit.

1. Mini Pumpkin Cakes

Cake is perfect in every way so it’s natural that we would love it in mini and pumpkin form. Read the recipe HERE.

mini pumpkin cakes

(via Country Living)


2. Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

It’s not truly Halloween without a next-level festive cake. You can ditch the mini cakes for one big cake to call it a real party. Find the recipe HERE.

chocolate pumpkin cake

(via Country Living)


3. Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream can fix anything, including post-Halloween-related blues. Bust out one of these babies for a full-on munch sesh before or after the holiday and you will not be disappointed. Grab the full recipe HERE.

pumpkin ice cream sandwiches

(via The Tart Tart)


4. Pumpkin Pie Cookies

Pumpkin-shaped cookies are an absolute must this season. What are you waiting for? Grab a couple of cookie cutters and DIY your own jack o’lantern treats. See the recipe HERE.

pumpkin pie cookies

(via Building Buttercream)


5. Pumpkin Popcorn Balls

Popcorn is already a favorite snack of ours. Combining it with pumpkin might seem like an unlikely combo, but we promise you it is both delicious and necessary to the season. Find the full how-to guide HERE.


pumpkin popcorn balls

(via Somewhat Simple)


6. Jack O’ Lantern Cake Pops

Instead of carving a jack o’ lantern this season, why not make one into a delicious snack? These scrumptious alternatives are the answer to any of your artistic Halloween problems. View the full recipe HERE.

jack o lantern cake pops

(via Nerdy Mamma)


7. Pumpkin Spice S’mores

Because you know we can’t have enough s’mores, be sure you have enough room for these perfect desserts in your life. If the fact that they’re pumpkin spice isn’t enough to set you over the edge, they’re also Rice Krispie treats. Read how to make them HERE.

pumpkin spice rice krispie treats

(via Beyond Frosting)


8. Pumpkin Top Cupcakes

IRL pumpkin decorating is cool, but if you want something more edible, you came to the right place. Top these cupcakes off with a pretzel stem and you have yourself the perfect Halloween snack. See the recipe HERE.

pumpkin top cupcakes

(via Better Homes and Gardens)


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