If You Want to Experience a Horror-Free Halloween, Disneyland's the Place to Be

Demons and devils are a big part of Halloween hoopla, but they aren't for everyone.

Some of us just want to enjoy Oct. 31 (and everything leading up to it) with pumpkin carving, costume shopping and admiring festive decorations.

If you're more about the spirit of the season—and not the scare—you need to head over to Disneyland ASAP to get your seasonal fix, without being overly spooked.

We made our way to the popular amusement park earlier this week and got to experience its Halloween Time extravaganza firsthand.


(Photo courtesy of Dahvi Shira)

Sure, the park was much darker than usual with its eerie vibe—and the rides were especially fine-tuned to meet a Halloween-lover's expectations—but we weren't followed around by any creepy crawlers (phew!).


(Photo courtesy of Dahvi Shira)


(Photo courtesy of Dahvi Shira)


(Photo courtesy of Dahvi Shira)


(Photo courtesy of Dahvi Shira)

For park-goers seeking an extra eerie kick, California Adventure's Guardians of the Galaxy ride (which, at nighttime, is temporarily titled Monsters After Dark) definitely kicked things up a notch just for the holiday.

But for the most part, the resort is still set up to be an all-ages (and fear-levels) experience. We took in the Día de los Muertos exhibit and performance pegged to the upcoming Pixar film Coco, while hopping on some of our fave rides—California Screamin' coaster, Grizzly River Run rapids and Silly Symphony Swings (see below!).


(Photo courtesy of Dahvi Shira)


(Photo courtesy of Dahvi Shira)

One of the best parts about heading to Mickey and Minnie's territory during this time of year? The outfits, of course! Although outside costumes are not allowed, guests find clever ways to incorporate Halloween into Disney-themed ensembles, just like the lovely young lady below.


(Photo courtesy of Dahvi Shira)

While we had a blast taking in Halloween Time's October essence, we must say we can't wait to head back to Disneyland next month because not only will it be the start to holiday season, but the temperature will have also (hopefully) dropped. Can you believe we braved the day in 90-degree weather?


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