These Hanazuki Toys Are Going to Be the Next Big Collectathon Craze

We were obsessed with the Hanazuki: Full of Treasures series before, but with their fun new app and a toy line releasing this summer, we're going to have a hard time putting the show down.

The new Hanazuki toys won't be widely available until later this year, but Hasbro was kind enough to give us some of the products early and we think they're going to be a big hit.

If you want to get a head start on your collection, the Hanazuki app is already available. In the app, you play as a Moonflower whose duty is to take care of a newly-discovered moon. Throughout this moon are all kinds of weird formations, pools of Rainbow Goop and colorful Hemkas trapped in Slow Sand. It's up to you to rescue the Hemkas by planting Treasure Trees.

Moonflower moon Hanazuki app

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But Treasure Trees don't just grow from nothing. Luckily for you, the Little Dreamer arrives and drops your first Treasure. Planting this Treasure results in a robust Treasure Tree and frees the Hemka of the same color.

Hanazuki app little dreamer

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You can make the tree happy by keeping it fed with Rainbow Goop, and when the trees are happy they drop special fruits which can be fed to your Hemka in return for special gems. These fruits and gems can then be fed to the ChickenPlant in exchange for upgrades to the moon.

Chicken Plant Hanazuki App

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One way to get more Treasures is to wait for the Little Dreamer to show up again—but he doesn't appear all the time. The game will tell you how long you'll have to wait for his next arrival. When he does return, you're allowed to select your mood (or color) and the next Treasure he drops will be in your desired color. This is great not only for unlocking every color of Hemka and Treasure Tree but also for completing collections of your favorite colors first.

Hanazuki app picking moongleam

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Why would you want to get lots of a single color? Well, Treasures have their own Constellations based around different wacky outfits.

Hanazuki app orange constellation

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If you manage to collect every Treasure type within a single Constellation, you'll unlock a special outfit for your Hemka of the same color to wear.

Hanazuki app purple constellation costume

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Once in a while, you'll also encounter the Big Bad. It may look scary, but if you nurture your Treasure Trees and Hemkas, keeping this evil cloud at bay is easy.

Hanazuki app find the big bad

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But the Little Dreamer isn't the only one who can deliver Treasures. A photo feature within the app allows you to scan your Hanazuki toys to bring your real-life Treasures right into the game.

Treasures come not only in 6-pack assortments in various color sets, but also in surprise packs of two random Hemkas as well as in sets with other Hanazuki toys. Just like in the app, they're all unique, fun shapes with expressive little faces. There are 175 to collect in total, keeping completionists busy for a long time.

Hanazuki treasures in yellow, purple and teal

In addition to a scannable code, each Treasure also has a special slot on the back so it can be plugged onto the Hanazuki Moodgleam bracelet.

Hanazuki Moongleam bracelet turned off

The bracelet lets you show off your two favorites in your collection, and has a special light that turns the colors of the attached Treasures. You can also sync it with the app to have the light reflect the mood color of your choice.

Hanazuki Moongleam bracelet turned on

It's also got special rings that go all along the band of the bracelet so you can showcase up to seven of your Treasures at once.

Hanazuki Moongleam bracelet extra treasures

By scanning in these real-life Treasures, they get added to your in-game inventory. The more Treasures you scan, the more your Treasure Trees will level up. Bigger Treasure Trees cover more land on your moon and yield way more fruit when you feed them Rainbow Goop.

collecting yellow items Hanazuki app

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After a few days, your Treasure Trees will start dominating the moon! The more you play, the more impressive your moon will get.

Hanazuki app moon colors

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But Treasures aren't the only characters you can scan in! There are also plush figures of Hemkas, Hanazuki and the Little Dreamer, each with their own codes that unlock different goodies in the app. The Little Dreamer is particularly useful for collectors.

Hanazuki Full of Treasures Little Dreamer Plush

The Hanazuki app isn't complicated, but there are enough objectives within to keep players coming back to it again and again. Knowing you'll be able to unlock more if you come back in a few hours has kept us very entertained, especially since we love the series already.

Even if you're never watched Hanazuki, the gameplay will probably keep you coming back for more—and there's a special section in the app where you can watch all the episodes to solve that.


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