Give Your Traditional Potato Pancakes a Kick With These Unique Latke Recipes

Whether you refer to the traditional dish as "latkes," or simply "potato pancakes," we can all agree that these taters are a must-munch during the holiday season.

But this year, put a new spin on a classic dish with some of these unique recipes that add a little somethin'-somethin' extra.

Scroll through the selections below to gain some inspiration on how to make your potato pancakes stand out this year. We promise you will like these a latke!

Spaghetti Squash and Sriracha

Sriracha lovers, we're here for you. Enjoy a nice drizzle (or generous dollop, no one's judging) of your favorite spicy condiment over these spaghetti squash latkes.

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Brunch Style

What came first: the latke or the egg? Add a breakfast twist to your potato pancakes with a nice yolky egg on top. They are, after all, close cousins to hash browns.

Latke, Avo, Egg! The dream team of brunch! From @barbolonatny #Brunchboys

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Latke Burgers

Listen, if you can use ramen for buns then there's no stopping these latkes from holding together your juicy burger.

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A Sweeter Potato

These latkes are made with sweet potatoes rather than the regular russet, and they add a little color and flavor to the traditional potato pancake.


S'mores Latkes

Dessert latkes. Game over.


Caprese Style

These tomato, basil and mozzarella salads are delicious and all, but we both know you were missing a little crouton crunch. Add some latke to your caprese for that crispy texture.

The only way this Jew-girl does the ❤+ ???? thing…with latkes, caprese style!

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The Triple Threat

This triple threat is a healthy smackdown with sweet potato, zucchini and carrot all crammed into each patty.


Con Grape Salsa

Who says applesauce and sour cream are the only appropriate latke toppings? These pancakes are topped with a grape salsa. Yes, I said grape salsa.


Add Cheese

This image just tickles us. How do you make any given dish better? Add cheese.


Grilled Cheese Latke

Here's what the final product of a latke grilled cheese would look like. Glorious, as expected.


The Unplain Plantain

These latkes cover all of your taste bud bases: They have sweetness from the plantains, spice from the chipotle and all of that buttery goodness from the avocado crema.


Chocolate Covered

It was only a matter of time before we added chocolate to these crispy potatoes, and there'no going back now.


The Wafflatke

With a waffle iron and an imagination, anything is possible.


The Classy Cakes

Saffron latkes paired with herbed feta cheese and pomegranates… this recipe is crafted for some serious fine dining. Is your mouth watering yet?

These traditionally savory snacks have officially satisfied our sweet tooth. But latkes aren't the only treat to get you into the holiday spirit. Check out THESE festive cookies that come paired with an unexpected twist.