Thanks to This Fantasy White Noise Channel You Can Finally Study at Hogwarts

Raise your hand if you wish you could study at Hogwarts, and are admittedly still waiting for your letter to arrive in the mail.

Thanks to the channel, ASMR Rooms, run by YouTuber Claire, all the magic of your Hogwarts dreams can finally become a reality. ASMR—Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response—provides white noise sounds based on your favorite fictitious fantasies.

The sounds plus cinemagraphs work together to provide the ambiance of your favorite magical sphere, whether that's your house common room or Hagrid's hut. Check out some of our favorite rooms below to begin your adventure in the wizarding world of Harry Potter:


Gryffindor Common Room

You've finally made it into the coveted common room. This cinemagraph seats you at the best spot in the house, right in front of the fire. The rain is really pouring outside but the crackling fire brings out comfy cozy vibes. Occasionally you may be reminded that you aren't the only Gryffindor hiding out in the common room as you hear clinking of cups and dishes. This hour long video sets the perfect scene to snuggle up with your pet cat, owl, or toad while you get in some much needed R&R. Visit the Gryffindor Common Room HERE. Not a Gryffindor? No problem! You can also hang at the Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff common rooms, too.

Visual of the Gryffindor common room

(via YouTube)


Dumbledore's Office

Relax. Just because you're in the headmaster's office doesn't mean you're about to be expelled. Enjoy the subtle sounds of whirring wind and the outdoor calls of some fantastic beasts while Dumbledore flips through his paperwork. Dimmed by candle light and in the company of Fawkes and the headmaster's beloved phoenix, this ambient sound video is perfect for taking a nap and catching up on those Zzzs before hitting the books. Visit Dumbledore's Office HERE.

Visual of Dumbledore's office

(via YouTube)


The Burrow

Does Mrs. Weasley know that you've taken the flying car again to stop at home on a school day? The comforting sounds of the Burrow include the chirping of birds, the simmering of a stew on the stove and other country sounds such as neighbors laughing and dogs barking in the distance. Anyone who visits the Burrow instantly feels at home, so press play on this video whenever you're in need of some good old fashion wizarding family company. Visit the Weasley's Burrow HERE.

Visual of the Weasley's house, the Burrow

(via YouTube)


Three Broomsticks Inn

I hope you got your permission slip signed because anyone who's anyone is hanging at the Three Broomsticks Inn on a cold winter weekend. The crackling fire may be keeping you warm, but Sirius Black is in far worse condition—check out his wanted poster on the righthand side of the cinemagraph. Just be glad you're grabbing a butter beer with friends rather than dodging Dementors in Azkaban. Visit the Three Broomsticks HERE.

Visual of the Three Broomsticks Inn

(via YouTube)


Great Hall on Halloween

The Great Hall is all decorated for Halloween and it's a pretty spooky affair. With bobbing jack-o-lanterns and the occasional visit from one of the school's ghosts, this room is definitely intended for the more adventurous student. Footsteps, owls hooting and the chiming of a clock punctuate the otherwise soft sounds of fire crackling on a cold fall evening. Visit the Great Hall on Halloween HERE.

Ghost passing through the Great Hall on Halloween with levitating jack-o-lanterns

(via YouTube)


Hogwarts Library

It's time to get serious about your studying in the Hogwarts library. Even if you'd rather be outside playing Quidditch, it's no use because the rain is pouring outside. But you're not alone–the scribbling of quills on parchment tells us that other students are studying for their O.W.L's and, wait, was that a flying book I just saw? Someone must be practicing their Wingardium Leviosa charm. Visit the Hogwarts Library HERE.

Visual of the Hogwarts library

(via YouTube)


Forbidden Forest

The Forbidden Forest at night is not a place you want to be if you're a Hogwarts student—not all creatures of the wizarding world are benevolent. I think some Dementors are lurking in the forest on this rainy night, but don't fear too much because someone has just cast a Patronus to keep you safe. These comforting sounds range from a peaceful night with the soft whistling of wind and chirping of crickets, to the downpour of rain. If you can brave the dark forest, you may just feel right at home snoozing to these soft sounds. Visit the Forbidden Forest HERE.

Patronus stag in the Forbidden Forest at night

(via YouTube)


Great Hall at Christmas

It's Christmas at Hogwarts! Don't feel left behind because the castle is decorated with holiday festivity and the Great Hall looks better than ever. If Christmas is your favorite holiday and you would really rather bask in the joy all year long, this hour long video has your back. With the faint sound of holiday music playing behind the bustle of Hogwarts students and staff, you can enjoy the coziness of your fave day any day of the year. The enchanted snowfall looks beautiful glistening amid the floating candles, don't you think? Visit the Great Hall at Christmas HERE.

Great Hall at Christmas with tree, snow fall, and a ghost

(via YouTube)


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