If you find yourself incapable of putting down the hot tools when it comes to styling your hair, you’re far from alone.

Now that we actually have places to be and people to see again, it’s hard not to want to put in some effort. However, all that styling—especially with a flat iron and straightener—can take a toll on your hair in the long run. But before you start stressing, not all hope is lost. All you need is a little help, and we’ve got the best flat iron and straightener tips to keep your hair healthy, below!

1. Never Style Wet Hair

Even if your hair tool says it’s “safe” to use on wet hair, it’s always best to avoid it (unless it’s a hairdryer, of course). Using your flat iron if your hair is still damp can deeply damage both the strands and potentially your iron, so just go ahead and protect both by waiting for your hair to dry first. You might need to learn to wash your hair at night or incorporate the blow dryer in this case, but trust us, it’s worth it.


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2. Use a Heat Protectant Product

There’s a whole world of hair care out there specifically designed to let you enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to heat styling safely. Among those products is a heat protectant, most commonly found in a spray version. Follow the directions on the bottle and your strands will thank you later.


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3. Go Low and Slow

It’s tempting to save time by turning up the heat and running through your hair on hyper speed, but this is a big no-no for your hair health. Always keep the temperature as low as you can and run the iron over your hair slowly. Not so slowly as to burn your hair, but slow enough that you’re seeing results immediately rather than having to run it through your strands over and over again.


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4. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Hard truth—it’s a myth that you need to wash your hair every single day. Even if you have fine hair that gets greasy easily, you can use some dry shampoo to keep your ‘do going for longer in between washes. Not washing your hair daily not only allows for the natural oils to do their job, but it also means that you can likely keep your straightened-hair look going for longer—meaning less styling and heat. For extra help, you can sleep on a silk pillowcase to keep your hair health and style healthy while you sleep.


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