What the Different Heart Emoji Colors Mean

In our modern era where technology essentially rules all aspects of our lives, texting is our primary form of communication. But because texting doesn't allow for the same emotive nuances that an in-person conversation does (through means like body language, inflections, tone and other methods), we must instead rely on the use of one thing to better express ourselves through text: emojis.

These pictorial symbols can represent everything from our facial expressions to the weather and just about everything in between. In our complex society, however, not all emojis are what they initially may seem. Often, popular culture will find a way to adopt different meanings for these simplistic-yet-adorable images we use in our daily lives. After all, who doesn't remember having to teach someone that the skull emoji is used when you find something hilarious? If you need a little help decoding these emojis and all their hidden meanings, though, don't worry. We're here to help, starting with the ever-so-popular heart emojis in their many forms and colors. With that said, here is your guide to what the different heart emoji colors mean:

1. The Red Heart Emoji ❀️

Starting off with the classics, the red heart emoji is typically used for romantic love (making it one you might want to send your long-term partner or close friends). However, this is not to be confused with the broken heart emoji (πŸ’”), most often used for sad expressions that don't necessarily need to be in terms of romantic situations.

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2. The White Heart 🀍

Simple, pure and almost clinical, the white heart is a blank card of sorts that can be used in virtually any setting when you want to show affection or "like" towards someone or something.


3. The Black Heart Emoji πŸ–€

Opposite of the white heart emoji comes the black heart, which can be used in equally versatile situations but conveys an edgier context or a sort of dark humor. If you're the person in your group known for an all-black wardrobe look, you may want to add this one to your regular roster.


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4. The Yellow Heart πŸ’›

Similar to the colors of roses, yellow for a heart emoji signifies friendship and happiness. It's the perfect emoji to place next to your BFF's name in your phone (which is the reason why you'll find it next to the name of the person you snap most on Snapchat, as well).


5. The Purple Heart πŸ’œ

Purple is a gentle yet passionate color, making the purple heart a solid choice for reacting in times when you want to show someone you're there for them, whether you're a guy or a girl.


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6. The Green Heart πŸ’š

Money, health and even jealousy are common associations with the color green, and the green heart emoji can pertain to virtually any of these meanings depending on the context. It's also sometimes used in association for love of the earth and environment.


7. The Blue Heart πŸ’™

One of the lesser-used heart emojis is the blue heart, which has a sensitive and trustworthy meaning about it. It can also be used for Autism Awareness.


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8. The Brown Heart 🀎

A newer addition in recent years, it's mostly agreed upon that the brown heart emoji is a symbol of love and appreciation for people of color.


9. The Orange Heart 🧑

Another interchangeable one with the many other basic color wheel heart emojis, the orange heart can be used if you simply want to change it up from your usual heart reaction of choice. It's a gentle and friendly color that also promotes feelings of positivity.


10. The Many Pink Heart Variations πŸ’•πŸ’˜πŸ’πŸ’“πŸ’—

Your creativity can run wild with the pink heart emojis, which include the double heart (flirtatious vibes), the heart with the arrow through it (falling in love/love-struck connotations), the heart with the bow around it (giving your whole heart to someone), the sparkling heart (playful and sweet love or affection, can be platonic or romantic) and even the beating or vibing pink heart (sometimes used in apologies or moments where your heart is on full display).

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