6 Things We Can't Stand About Summer ????

Cue the ew!

Sure, summer gives us time off from school, newfound romances and carefree frolics with friends–but there are plenty of downsides to this popular season we tend to overlook. Scroll below and we bet you'll totally relate!

1. Bugs

Cockroaches, cicadas, mosquitos, oh my! Sweltering hot pool parties and lazy couch days inside the house welcome some unexpected guests (and we're not talking about the hottie your BFF knows from math class). ????????
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2. Pressure

Whether you're stressing over how you look in a swimsuit, bumming out because your parents don't own a pool, or feeling like it's a battle over whose summer trip is the most Facebook-worthy among your group of friends, this season really piles on the pressure to be the hottest (no pun intended) kid in town.
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3. Craving Your Crush

It's only approximately three months between the time you leave for summer break and the time you load up your backpack for school again, but those 90 days can go by slow as a snail when that's how long before you see your crush again. Sure, you've been stalking their Insta and Snapchat, but getting googly-eyed over their enviable trip to NYC is hardly the same as asking them about it in person. You've spent your relaxing summer days holed up on your couch dreaming about what their back-to-school haircut will look like and whether or not you will share any classes. Trust us, we know the struggle is real. You'll see them soon enough though! Hot boy is enjoying his vacation

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4. Sleepless Scorching Nights

All the fans and opened windows in the house can't help you beat the heat on some of the dreariest summer nights. Hot and humid evenings not only up the insect factor (see no. 1), but they also make for some overbearing discomfort in your otherwise cozy bed. Even hopping in an ice cold shower does little to assist this burden.
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5. Birthday Abandonment

Let's face the sad fact: Summer birthdays are a lose-lose situation–a lose for the inviters and a lose for the invited. With all of this season's concerts, music festivals and family vacations galore, it's pretty much a given that many of your pals will be missing out on your epic summer bday bash, or you'll unfortunately be missing theirs. ????
Poor girl is all alone on her birthday
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6. Sibling Insanity

Sure, we adore our siblings, but we also need our space. And with summer comes fighting over pretty much everything with them because you guys are both home way more frequently than during the school year. Whether it's an argument over who gets TV and home computer privileges, down to who gets ownership of that final frozen burrito, it always seems like a never-ending war with bro or sis during this time of year.

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But alas, there's a silver lining! The arrival of summer means the magical season of fall is just a hop, skip and a jump away! And that, in itself, is worth it all! ????


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