There's a New Hello Kitty x ASOS Collection for Summer 2018, and It's as Cute as You'd Expect

We always love so much about summer, and this year, the list includes the new Hello Kitty x ASOS collection.

The two brands' latest collaboration arrived via the online retailer last week, and it has given us 21 new items, according to Bustle.

The Summer 2018 collection is made up of a mix of shoes, socks, loungewear, dresses and more. All of the items feature our favorite bow-wearing cat, and they range from sporty to more stereotypically "girly."

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The collection follows on the heels of another joint effort by the two brands that was released in late 2017.

Like its predecessor, the new one seems to be "all about that iconic character." You'll find lots of pink, red and white, and, of course, bows incorporated into the Summer 2018 collection. We suspect Hello Kitty's legions of fans are going to be very, very happy.

Summer continues to get better, one adorable Hello Kitty item at a time.


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