Can't Stop Hiccuping? These 6 Cures Actually Work

We don't know anyone who likes coming down with a case of the hiccups.

Hiccups tend to strike suddenly and without warning, and they're annoying enough as is, but when they become embarrassing in certain company, or even painful, chances are that you'll want to get rid of them ASAP. Most families have their own go-to hiccup cures, and despite being all over the place in terms of methodology, a surprising number of them really work!

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favorite tried-and-true methods (tested ourselves) for ridding yourself of hiccups. And if one method fails, simply move on to the next and see if that works better for you!

Put Your Mind to the Test

In certain cases, a mental distraction can be a very effective cure for hiccups. We find that tasking yourself to come up with a short, specific list can ward them away. Can you name 10 red-headed actresses? How about six bald actors, or 10 foods that start with the letter C? By the time you're done coming up with the list, you may have found that there's no trace of your hiccups left.

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Scare Them Away

We've found that being suddenly frightened is a pretty effective cure for hiccups, making us forget we had them entirely. However, it's tough to get properly scared when you're expecting it. This one requires a little planning, but try working with a friend or family member ahead of time to let them know that when you have hiccups, you'd appreciate being startled. The next time you get the hiccups, hope they remember to do their job and frighten them out of you.


Drown the Hiccups

We've heard that quickly chugging down an entire cup of water is one way to cure hiccups, but we prefer a more methodical approach. Try counting the seconds between your hiccups to time them. Then, as just as you anticipate the next hiccup, drink a gulp of water at exactly the same time you think you're going to hiccup. It may take a couple of attempts to get the timing just right, but before long, you may find that you've tricked yourself out of a case of hiccups.

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Suck on a Lemon

"Suck on a lemon" may sound like an old-timey insult, but it'also a tried-and-true cure for getting rid of hiccups. Because no one knows precisely how hiccups work, and what stops them, we're not sure if it's the action of suction, or the shockingly sour flavor that makes hiccups miraculously disappear. Either way, results are results.


Tug on Your Tongue

We're not sure how or why this one works, but when you've got a bad case of hiccups, anything is worth a shot! Try sticking your tongue out as far as it will possibly go, and once it's there, grab it between your (clean) fingers and give it a pull. And if it doesn't work for you immediately, it may help to try to time the tug with your next hiccup.


Swallow a Spoonful of Sugar

Mary Poppins sang that a spoonful of sugar would make the medicine go down, but we've also found that it's a powerful hiccup cure. It's as simple as taking a teaspoon of granulated sugar and swallowing it down in one gulp. No one knows precisely why it works, and it's not the most health-conscious choice out there—and if you're not supposed to be eating sugar, definitely don't try this one—but it succeeds for us every time, without fail.

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