Here's Our Definitive Ranking of the 10 Biggest High School Social Life Struggles

High school has its ups… and its many downs.

Unfortunately there are a slew of unavoidable uncomfortable moments during our four-year journey—but seek solace in knowing that these mishaps happen to all of us.

That said, some occurrences cause a little more emotional damage than others. Keep reading for our definitive ranking of the 10 biggest high school social life struggles, from "I'll be fine" to "lifelong scar."

10. Not Being Nominated for a Dance Court

Okay, so you weren't nominated for Homecoming, Prom, Sadie's, Winter Formal… well, guess what? Ninety-five percent of your classmates weren't either. Yeah, we get that it might bother you if you're super involved in school and the ultimate social butterfly, but given that only a very small percentage of students get these so-called "coveted" honors, this really shouldn't ruffle your feathers.

Cady giving prom queen speech

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9. Not Being Voted Into ASB

Getting up in front of your entire grade and campaigning for a spot on the school board takes a lot of guts, and when you put yourself out there like that, you can only hope your vulnerability has reward. But when it comes to Associated Student Body (aka student government), there are only about eight spots available, and 35 people applying. So when you only have an approximate 1/4 chance of getting accepted, it's a lesser blow knowing there are a few dozen classmates getting rejected as well.

Jeremy Shada in Mr. Student Body President on New Form

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8. Being Grounded 

Ugh, yes, being grounded produces peak FOMO, but instead of moping, suck it up and accept responsibility for whatever you did to land you in this locked-in predicament. It's a bummer, but it's probably only for a weekend, and, if you have your phone, you can FaceTime your besties and at least feel like you're all there together in person.


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7. Not Having a Date to a Dance

If you don't care about school dances, then you're probably not pacing back and forth with anxiety over going stag to one of the big events—but if these overly hyped school functions are something you look forward to, not having a date to one of them can be a slight bummer. But really, it's not the end of the world because a lot of people just go with their friends.

At the end of the day, it's really all about having fun with the crew you came with—date or not. Plus, unless you're in a relationship or your crush asks you to go, what meaning does the date really have anyway?

girl looks miserable at school dance

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6. Getting Rejected From the Cheer Squad / Sports Team

If you're an big fan of a particular sport or you've been practicing your toe-touches all summer long, it may seem like a major diss to be rejected from the (literal) squad or athletic team, but there are only so many spots available—and you get second chances! Yeah, it's kind of annoying, and people are probably gossiping about how you didn't make the team, but practice like a pro and wow them next year.

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5. Losing Your BFF to Their New S.O.

Losing your BFF to a new S.O. is almost like a rite of passage in high school—it happens to everyone. You go from being attached to your bestie at the hip, and then, just like that, you're left wandering the halls alone while they're shoved against a wall, locking lips (gross)Even though you know it's nothing personal, you feel neglected, annoyed, hurt and lost. Not to mention, you're single, and watching your friend prance around with relationship glee every time you two hang out makes you want to barf.


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4. Getting Into a Screaming Match in the School Hallway

Oh, the drama of high school. There's certainly no escaping it, but some arguments are done more publicly and humiliatingly than others. Getting into a screaming match in a high school hallway is the ultimate embarrassment (even if you're winning the battle). All eyes—including those of your friends, teachers and classmates—are on you and your nemesis-of-the-moment, and everyone is sure to be talking about this blowout for days to come.

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3. Having Your Ex in Your Classes

Whether you and your ex ended things amicably or you absolutely despise one another, having an unavoidable daily reminder of a failed romance sucks. Also, you typically don't get to choose where you sit in class, so there's a good chance you could end up seated near them or get grouped together for projects. They have the ability to make your 50-minute class a living nightmare. Just play it cool, that's really all you can do.

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2. Being Left Out

If you feel genuinely left out of something, then chances are you think you should have been included in whatever it is. Whether it's a Friday night hang or a big birthday bash, knowing that all your friends are invited to something you're not a part of is the ultimate stab in the heart. Not only do your friends tiptoe around mentioning the function in front of you, but you now have to find new plans and avoid social media for at least the next 24 hours. The good news is it's just one date. Once it's over, it's back to normal.


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1. Being Rejected by a Crush

This is by far the most painful social struggle you can experience in high school. Breakups can be totally brutal, but at least in those cases, you actually had something with the person you liked. When you're rejected by a crush, there are only sad associations with them.

All you have are endless thoughts of pining away day after day for a person who only sees you as a friend—or maybe doesn't see you as anything at all. Even though this struggle is the worst, it's also the most relatable. Everyone has been rejected by a crush at one time or another, so seek a little comfort in knowing that. But still, ugh.

Promposal rejection

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