8 Tips That Will Help You Transition to High School With Ease

Being an incoming freshman in high school brings on a whole new world of people and possibilities!

There are a slew of potential paths for you to venture right now, but you're probably overwhelmed thinking about all that is going to be thrown your way. We've got some tips for making your transition from junior high to high school a tad bit easier. Scroll through to see how you can get the most out of your high school experience.

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1. Don't Set Your Expectations Too High

Yes, high school is a magical and wonderful place full of many exciting new opportunities, but it's not all how movies portray it. You more than likely won't get a car–let alone your license–the exact day you turn 16. And having your first part-time job on the weekends isn't all it's cracked up to be. Go with the flow and you'll be much more satisfied with your experience.


2. Partake in Extracurricular Activities

Whether it's joining the cheerleading team, French Club or the Associated Student Body (ASB), be a part of something you thoroughly enjoy doing. Not only is this a great way to distract you from stress of your schoolwork, but it will help you stand out when you apply to the college of your dreams.

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3. Put Yourself Out There

Participate in class. Ask that cute kid who sits next to you in your history class on a date. Don't be afraid of rejection. High school is all about trying new things as you venture into unknown territory. So go ahead and try something you'd otherwise never try in previous years, but have always dreamt of doing.


4. Make New Friends With Various Cliques

You might have had the same close group of friends from pre-K to now, but that shouldn't stop you from bringing even more people into your circle of friendship–especially because sometimes as you grow older, you'll grow apart from your usual besties.

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5. Be Prepared to Put in Extra Study Hours

The amount of homework and projects you'll have to do is seriously no joke. Get ready to get work done. You may have some late nights that your parents aren't going to approve of, but it happens when you have teachers who love piling on unnecessary work. As long as you get organized and follow your schedule accordingly, you'll be fine.


6. Don't Overfill Your Plate

Taking six AP classes, being the president of your class and the star soccer player is easier said than done. If you're stressing over anything, reevaluate how much you have going on in your life and see where you can lighten your load.


7. Get to Know Your Teachers

Sure, being given the title of "Teacher's Pet" isn't the greatest. But knowing your teachers and having them on your side comes in handy in a major way, we pinky promise. Think about it, if you are one percent away from getting an "A" in a class, any teacher that knows you and how hard you work will bump you up.

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8. Be Yourself

In high school, you'll want to fit in and be a part of the "cool kids." Don't do that. Being fake and not staying true to who you are isn't going to take you very far. You'll be more successful if you are simply yourself.


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