Trying to Avoid Sugar While You're Stuck at Home? Try HighKey Keto Cookies

When I'm hankering for a guilt-free snack, cookies aren't typically the first thing to come to mind.

Most cookies are absolutely packed with sugar and carbs, and on dozens of occasions, I've had more than my fill, leaving me feeling sluggish and wishing I hadn't started. Sugar-free cookie options didn't make me feel much better, and sometimes leave a weird aftertaste in my mouth. But when the folks at HighKey reached out and asked if I'd be interested in their keto mini cookies, they promised something different. I couldn't resist, and they kindly sent me one of each of their three mini cookie flavors to try for myself.

The Product

HighKey specializes in low net-carb, gluten-free food products, delivered right to your door. They make all kinds of products, and while I tried their mini cookies and brownie bites, they also craft their own baking mixes, breakfast, cheese crunches, cauliflower mash and more, and they're all low-carb and keto-friendly, which is great, whether you're on a special diet or not.

To avoid the carbs, sugar and gluten, HighKey's mini cookies utilize almond flour and coconut oil, and are sweetened with natural monkfruit and stevia. You can buy a mini cookies variety bundle including 2 oz. bags of all three flavors or a three-pack of your favorite flavor for $13.97,  and if you buy on Amazon Prime, shipping is free. Plus, if they're not to your tastes, HighKey has a 120-day satisfaction guarantee and will refund you 100% of the purchase cost.


The Flavors

Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies

When it comes to cookies, chocolate chip sets the gold standard, so I simply had to start with these beauties. It only took one to know that Highkey was on to something good. The texture, consistency and even size were similar to a Famous Amos cookie, but maybe the tiniest bit grainier, and the flavor was nearly the same, too. The aftertaste was buttery, and though a little bit of sweetener flavor lingered afterward, it wasn't unappetizing.


HighKey Mini Cookies Chocolate Chip Bag

I also found it interesting that, after eating just a couple handfuls of them, I felt totally satiated and my cookie cravings had vanished. With two grams of net carbs and 140 calories per serving of eight mini cookies, I hadn't overstuffed myself on bad junk and I didn't need more to be satisfied. I found that pretty impressive.

HighKey Mini Cookies Chocolate Chip


Snickerdoodle Mini Cookies

Next, it was time to try the mini snickerdoodles. I've always been a cinnamon sugar fiend, and I was curious to see how they'd make the flavor work here, given that sugar isn't actually on the list of ingredients. Turns out, pretty successfully.


HighKey Mini Cookies Snickerdoodle Bag

These cookies are incredibly rich and buttery, with a crumbly texture and just the right amount of cinnamon and sweetness to make them ultra snackable. While I found them to be super satisfying, they were harder to put down than the chocolate chip variety.This one was especially popular at home, and was the first to get gobbled up. Thankfully, we didn't have to feel too bad about it disappearing. With one net carb and 150 calories per serving of eight mini cookies, we didn't have to indulge too much to enjoy ourselves.

HighKey Mini Cookies Snickerdoodle


Classic Chocolate Brownie Bites

Last, but definitely not least, I tried the Brownie Bites. While I think the name might be a misnomer, as they're more like earthy dark chocolate cookies than brownies, they were still quite delicious. They had the same crumbly but moist textures of the other cookies, and were packed with a deep but not-too-sweet chocolate flavor. As with the chocolate chip, I only needed a serving of these to feel like my sweet tooth was happy.


HighKey Classic Chocolate Brownie Bites Bag

If you dislike anything to do with dark chocolate and love your bars milky and sweet, these might not appeal to you much, but if you're avoiding sugar and need your chocolate fix, these might be exactly what you need. Plus, a serving size of six brownie bites only contains two net carbs and 140 calories, meaning you can snack without feeling bad about it later.


HighKey Classic Chocolate Brownie Bites


Bottom Line

Not every cookie fan will appreciate the texture and flavor of these almond-based, monk fruit-sweetened cookies, but those who do will discover an awesome low-carb and gluten-free option to munch on when they're trying to avoid their food vices. I thought every flavor was delicious, and enjoyed the fact that they were great for stopping cravings in their tracks.

At about $4.66 cents per 2 oz. bag, they are a bit pricey pound for pound, but if you've been looking for keto-friendly cookies and willing to splurge to give them a try, I think it's worth it. Plus, if you don'like them, there's always that HighKey guarantee. And if you're stuck at home like I am, you can order them online right now.


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