This Cute Candle Burns and Changes Color to Reveal Your Hogwarts House

We've tried the official Pottermore test, quizzes, horoscopes and even bath bombs to definitively determine our official Hogwarts houses—but it never hurts to try one more thing.

That's where the sorting candle comes in. They're created by an Etsy shop called Happy Piranha, and we need to get our hands on one.

In order to find out which house you should be in, you simply light the candle, burning away a layer of white wax and silver glitter until it reveals the colored candle underneath. Each also has its own house-inspired scent.

Hogwarts Sorting Hat candles by Happy Piranha

(via Etsy)

If you discover a red candle scented with chocolate and cinnamon, you're a brave and adventurous Gryffindor. A cucumber, cocoa and jasmine green tea-fragranced blue candle reveals you're a clever and wise Ravenclaw. The sea breeze and cream green candle will symbolize that you're a cunning and ambitious Slytherin, while a lime, basil and mandarin yellow candle indicates that you're an honest and loyal Hufflepuff.

Best of all, the candles are only $12.09 each, so getting sorted isn't too much of an investment.

Happy Piranha's shop is full of all kinds of other geeky goodies including more candles inspired by Harry Potter, as well as Pokémon, Zelda and more. If you've got a candle-lover in your life, this might be the perfect place to go shopping for them.


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