I Tried Adorable Custom Homebodii Pajamas—Are They Worth the Price?

As much as I'd like to wear elegantly stylish sleepwear to bed every night, my go-to pajamas usually wind up being whatever comfy PJ pants and oversized tee I pull out of the drawer first.

While I do have nicer jammies, including an ultra-soft bamboo sleep dress from Recliner and a weirdly comfortable Star Trek uniform PJ set, I can only wear those for a few nights in a row before they get tossed in the hamper and it's back to giant T-Shirts.

So when I was asked to review a dainty pajama set from Homebodii, I was more than willing to check them out—and extra excited that they would be embroidering my initials into the PJs for me. I couldn't wait to try them and and see if fancier clothes translate to better sleep.

The Product

Homebodii specializes in sophisticated robes and sleepwear. They have a huge catalog of high-end options, including the pajama set that was sent to me, the Grace Long Sleeve Piping PJs in blush.

These sleek and feminine satin charmeuse pajamas come in a delicate pink color with bold black piping. The top is a button-up with long sleeves, a breast pocket and a notch collar, and the bottoms are cute shorts with an elastic waistband and drawstring.  The pajamas cost $128.15, with extra personalization available for $10.


The Experience

When I first opened the package from Homebodii, the pajamas were beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, and appeared to be scented with rosewater. The material was super silky and smooth, my initials were perfectly embroidered on the pocket and I absolutely couldn't wait until bedtime to try them on.


When I finally did, they were a perfect fit. They were just as airy and comfortable as they'd looked, and I loved the way they draped over my skin. I don't wear button-ups that often, so fidgeting around with five buttons to put them on took a little getting used to, but it wasn't a big deal.

It was a pretty warm April night, but thankfully I found the pajamas to be perfectly breathable and cool, making it easy to settle down for bed without feeling too stuffy or sweaty. The pajamas also feature an extra button below the elbow and a special strap so you can roll your sleeves up and secure them in place for when the temperature is hotter. I was also surrounded by the faint floral scent of the pajamas, and though I don't fall asleep easily on the best of night, I think that lovely smell did eventually help to lull me to sleep.

The weather this month was all over the place, so the following night, it actually got pretty chilly around bedtime. I was happy to discover that my Homebodii pajamas were great for layering. I was able to wear a PJ shirt under the button-up for a little added warmth, and just made sure to unroll my sleeves tuck my cold toes under the comforter to keep warm. Again, they were super comfy, and the flowery scent also aided in giving me a decent night's sleep.

The third night, it was cold yet again, and I had a pretty similar experience to the previous night. Though the rosy scent had faded significantly, it was still there. Maybe it's because I'm a restless sleeper, but a couple of times I woke up to find a button or two undone. While I didn't mind, that might not be the best thing to happen if you're at a sleepover or doing a pajama day.

I was also slightly disappointed to find that the fun embroidery on the pajamas is sewn through the pocket, partially closing it. Homebodii mentions this on their website, but I wasn't aware of it beforehand, and was taken aback a bit when I attempted to shove my phone in the front pocket only to discover that the pocket had become mostly cosmetic. Again, this isn't a dealbreaker, but it's something to consider before you go about customizing your pajamas.

After a few nights, it was time to retire them until after laundry day. Sadly, the PJs came out of the wash smelling like detergent, and not roses. I'm currently very tempted to invest in some rose essential oils to restore them to their former glory. They really did smell incredible.


Bottom Line

My Homebodii PJs are some of my very favorite pajamas I've ever owned—though I'm not sure that I would personally pay the almost $130 price tag for them unless I was really in the mood to treat myself with something pricey. They're great pajamas, but I can absolutely see why many people would never pay more than $100 for a pair of even the fanciest PJs.

But these pajamas feel special. They're clearly high-quality, and they're unlike anything else in my sleepwear collection. Plus, I don't have any other clothes with my initials professionally sewn into them. I'm quite partial to that, and am super excited to continue to have these in my pajama rotation.


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