Harness the Powers of the New and Full Moons With This Subscription Box

House of Intuition in Los Angeles, California has quickly become one of my favorite places.

Known as a metaphysical shop, HOI is dedicated to helping people achieve healing, transformation, empowerment and personal growth.

From healing crystals to magic candles and everything in between, they have everything imaginable to assist you with being the best version of yourself.

Recently they've stepped up their game with the addition of a subscription box that will help you harness the powers of the New and Full Moons every month.

I was lucky enough to get a first look at the Moon Box and try it out for myself. Scroll below to learn more about this magical subscription:

House of Intuition's Moon Box contents

How Does It Work?

As with most subscription boxes, each month you'll get a brand new box filled with tons of goodies.

Every box will contain a New Moon and a Full Moon magic candle that's already blessed and ready to be lit, along with a few other curated mystical items.

A subscription will cost you $44 per month, which is an awesome deal considering the candles on their own cost $22 a pop.

Not only that, but with the box you also get access to HOI.TV, a sort of spiritual Netflix, if you will. There you'll find tons of videos where you can watch how to properly carry out the rituals. Definitely the most helpful thing ever, especially because you want to make sure you're doing all of this right.

What's in the Box?

July's Full Moon is in Capricorn and its New Moon is in Leo, so the two candles in this month's box are specifically designed to work with each moon's unique benefits.

The Full Moon in Capricorn promises change, renewal and success in business. It's a time to let go of any negative habits you may have so that you can best achieve your goals.

The New Moon in Leo increases your creativity and passion to bring about positive new beginnings.

Apart from the candles, this box contained a Full Moon Body Scrub, New Moon Magic Bath Bomb, Lemurian Tangerine Quartz and Frankincense Incense Stick to use in conjunction with the candles.

How Did It Help Me?

July's Full Moon occurred on Sunday, July 9, which is when I used the Full Moon-associated items in the box.

House of Intuition's Full Moon candle and body scrub

I began by meditating with the Full Moon candle. I told it my intentions of wanting to rid my life of self-doubt and overall laziness to get a jumpstart on my life. I then wrote those intentions down on a blank piece of paper and placed it under the candle.

Before I lit the candle, I ignited the Frankincense, because it would help channel my creativity to an even higher extent as it burned alongside the Full Moon candle.

After lighting the Frankincense and the candle's wick, I watched the flames dance for quite some time, envisioning a more creative, successful life for myself. I saw my self-doubt melting away as I went on to be incredibly successful.

Then came my favorite part—using the body scrub. While gently massaging it all over my body, I could really feel it working. Its eucalyptus scent brought a sense of calmness, while simultaneously leaving me feeling ready to take on the day.

The scrub is meant to help you release all of the negativity, and I really felt it working. Immediately after using it, I felt like a changed person.

I left the candle burning for three days, until it was full burned down. If you're not brave enough to leave your candle burning while you aren't watching it, you can put it out and relight it at the same time every day. Just be sure not to blow it out, because it will blow away the intentions you put into the flame.

When my candle was done, I was left with three crystals.

Full Moon crystals from the Full Moon candle in House of Intuition's Moon Box

I chose to keep them on me, because I really need their healing powers by my side at all times.

Since my Full Moon candle has burned down, I've noticed many of my intentions coming into fruition. I feel better about myself and more productive overall. Big things are happening and I can't wait for them to fully manifest.

Because the New Moon isn't until Sunday, July 23, I have yet to put the candle and bath bomb to use, but I will when the date finally rolls around. Stay tuned!

Though I haven't fully completed my experience with HOI's Moon Box, I absolutely love it. It really does the job and I fully recommend that anyone who's struggling with finding themselves subscribes to it.


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