How to Cut Your Hair at Home and Make It Look 100% Legit

Being cooped up inside your home is the perfect time to try out all sorts of DIY beauty, including face masks, manicures and no-heat hairstyling. But what about essential services—like a much-needed haircut—that you aren't able to get done by a pro in the foreseeable future?

If your split ends are OOC don't worry—you can cut your hair at home and make it look super legit. We tapped celebrity hairstylist Lovette Limones, who's worked with favorites, including Dove Cameron, Kat McNamara and Alisha Marie. She's sharing her expert tips for nailing the at-home haircut. Her biggest piece of advice? Only pick up the scissors if you absolutely have to!

Keep reading for what she advises if you just can't put those scissors down.

Don't Go for a Big Change

While it might be tempting to cut bangs or give yourself layers, according to Lovette this isn't the time to switch things up. "Wait for your hairstylist to make any major changes," she says. "Giving yourself an at-home haircut should only be to fix split ends or super dry ends that need trimming."

We're not sure how long we're going to be in quarantine, but if you do a hack job on your mane, there's a good chance it'll take a pretty long time to grow back.

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Order Scissors Meant For Cutting Hair

If you want a legit haircut, you need legit tools—and no, your sharp kitchen cutters do not suffice.

"You'll need haircutting scissors, which you can buy online via Amazon or Sally Beauty for relatively inexpensive," Lovette says. "This will make your haircut at home look sharp, refined and much more legit."


Bronze Shears: $13


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Cut Your Hair When It's Dry

While you might be used to getting your hair cut wet at the salon, Lovette urges you to cut it dry when doing it yourself.

"It's much easier to control when it's dry and you can actually see what you're cutting," she says. You also don't have to worry about going too short. Wet hair tends to stretch and can be shorter when it's dried."

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Use a Simple Cutting Technique

Don't just go in with the scissors without a plan. Lovette suggests cutting a straight line on straight, dried hair. "Cut it section by section, and make sure you're always combing the hair down before cutting, to make sure you get every single strand," she says.


If You're Cutting Bangs…

DIY bangs are on the rise, but not all are a success. For the best result, Lovette suggests sectioning a V shape of hair where you want your bangs to be. Start with a small section and make sure you like each section before moving on. You should also start with less thick bangs and then gradually build them if you're loving the look.

For cute styling ideas, check out Lovette Limones on TikTok, too!


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