6 Ways to Avoid Mid-Day Crashes While Doing School at Home

If you're currently doing all your classes from home, we feel your struggle.

Long gone are days spent at the locker, fun pep rallies and seeing your friends in the crowded hallway. These days, your time is likely filled with Zoom classes and lots of reading. Due to social distancing amid Coronavirus, school this year is going to be unlike any year before.

Since you're in a new routine, it wouldn't be surprising if you're having trouble adjusting. Do you feel more exhausted than usual? Keep reading for the six ways to avoid mid-day crashes while doing school at home:

1. Eat a Substantial Breakfast

Did you know that the most important meal of the day is breakfast? From the moment you wake up, you need all the energy you can get. However, a lot of us skip out on breakfast and instead opt for a bigger lunch. But that's where the problem is! If you're skipping out on breakfast, you will hit a wall by the time the afternoon rolls around. Make sure to eat a substantial breakfast, whether that's fruit, eggs, bacon or something else. Just skip out on the cereal!


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2. Say No to Sugar

We know sipping on a soda or flavored latte might sound like a good idea for a boost of energy, but the sugar will inevitably make you crash later on. By avoiding sugar, you're giving your body a fighting chance to stay awake and be able to focus. Instead of going for a candy bar, go for something that will actually benefit you, like celery and peanut butter, trail mix or greek yogurt. Your body will thank you!


3. Stretch Every Hour

When we're sitting down for long periods of time, our body gets achy and uncomfortable. When you don't feel like your best self, you probably want to rest or lie down. Instead, we recommend stretching! Get up, move around and stretch your muscles. Whether you do a few yoga poses, arm stretches or even some jumping jacks, getting your body to move at least once an hour is vital to avoiding a mid-day crash.


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4. Drink Water

You've heard it before but let us reiterate—drink lots of water! Your body needs water to survive, so if you're not drinking enough of it, it's no wonder your body starts to shut down and become tired. Grab your favorite reusable water bottle and fill it to the brim. Give yourself a goal of drinking the whole thing by a certain time every day, and see if you reach it. By keeping your body quenched, you'll be less likely to get that mid-day crash.


5. Play Music

Some of us need background noise to get tasks done, like having the TV on or playing music. When it comes to working from home, we recommend playing instrumental music, or, music with no words. By playing something soothing in the background, your mind will be put at ease and relax.


6. Get Outside

Last but not least, if you feel a mid-day crash coming on, make sure to get outside. Breathe in some fresh air, take a walk and be out in the sun, even if it's just for a few minutes! Whether you go by yourself or take your favorite fluffy friend, you'll feel much better. The change in scenery will wake your body up and allow you to get back to work in next to no time.


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