How to Avoid FOMO From Watching Everyone Else's Summer Adventures

Social media, at the end of the day (and if you use it right, anyway),  is social.

It's all about connecting you with your friends, family and even a few of your favorite celebrities—not to mention all the recipes and cute animal videos that cross our feeds, of course. With that said, though, seeing the highlights of someone else's life through their posts and stories can lead to a little something known as FOMO, or the fear of missing out. It's a common feeling that most of us are far too familiar with, but we did have a bit of a break from it during the peak of COVID when, well, there wasn't really anything going on to miss out on.

Now, however, people are back out and posting up a storm—especially during summer—so many people are showing off their revenge travel trips through their feeds, and technically they have every right to. But if it's causing you tons of FOMO to look at, you aren't without hope for a cure. So, let's jump into some ways to avoid FOMO from watching everyone else's summer adventures unfold:

1. Take Stock of Why You're Feeling Upset

The first step, so to speak, in getting over your FOMO is taking a step back and looking in the (figurative) mirror. Why are you feeling like you're missing out on something? Is it jealousy you're experiencing, or something you can actually take time to fix? Oftentimes, part of the "fear" in FOMO is the fear that other people are having more fun without you, or that you'll be excluded in the future because they had such a great time without you there that they forget to invite you to something you could actually go to. If it feels like your FOMO is more deeply rooted in something like that, it's better to take time, talk it out and do what you can to boost your confidence. When in doubt, repeat the affirmation you may have already seen on TikTok: "I never miss out on anything that's meant for me."

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2. Remind Yourself That Social Media Isn't Always Accurate

Now that you've addressed why you're feeling such bad FOMO that you're reading a post about how not to, it's time to discuss what exactly it you think you're missing out on. Sure, that trip your former classmate took looks incredible on their Instagram feed and in the TikTok they wind up making about it, but you're only seeing one side—and a highly edited one, at that—of the story. You're not seeing the fights that happened with their family along the way, the luggage that got lost at the airport, the long layover that was anything but glamorous or any of the other things that can easily go wrong during any form of summer adventure. So yes, traveling and going on fun trips can be full of good times, but remember that you're only seeing those good times when you view them over social media and rarely get the real picture.

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3. Be Thankful for the Experiences You've Been Able to Have

Mindfulness is key to most things in life, including getting over FOMO. It starts with remembering to stop and think about all the things you already have to be grateful for, even if it doesn't include some wild summer adventure like the people you're seeing on social media. When you stop, slow down and actually take a second to appreciate all that you already have, it doesn't feel like you're actually missing out on all that much after all.

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4. Have an Adventure of Your Own

And finally, one way to get over your FOMO is to have an adventure of your own! Okay sure, you may not be able to spring for the luxury trip to the Italian coast or the streets of Paris, but an adventure can look like whatever you want it to. Maybe it's a quick weekend road trip with friends to a nearby city, a beach day with your family or even just an at-home adventure with the people you love most around you. Whether you plan ahead for a great trip you can actually afford or spontaneously go on some less-than-extravagant trip with your friends or family, you don't need to feel like you're missing out on a thing when your own life always feels like an adventure.

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