How to Instantly (and Effortlessly) Become a Better Daughter

We're all just doing the best we can.

Or are we…?

Let's just be honest here and admit that we all could be doing more to win the Daughter of the Year award.

If you're ready to take the angst out of teen angst and be a daughter that your family is happy to have around, continue reading for some pretty effortless ways you can win that aforementioned award.

1. Tell Your Parents About Your Day

"How was your day?" may be the simplest question of all time, and yet we never want to provide a sufficient answer. "Fine" is usually the monosyllable we mutter under our breath, annoyed that our parents would dare pry into our lives. But this simple question is also our simplest answer for becoming the daughter you wish to see in the world. Give some details, talk about your classes or relive that funny thing that happened during lunch. Giving your parents a little insight into your life is the perfect place to begin. And it's totally effortless.

Zoey and Dre bonding

(Black-ish via ABC)


2. Make Your Bed Every Morning

Another super easy way to work your way on up your parents' good list is to make your bed every morning. Look, we're not gonna go overboard and suggest you do a bunch of chores without complaining, but we will insist on this small act. It takes approximately 60 seconds and is one of the least painful ways to instantly make your room look tidy. Trust, your 'rents will appreciate the gesture.


3. Put Away the Laundry Your Parents Have Done for You

Okay okay, we know we promised we wouldn't get on your case about doing a ton of chores, but hear us out. Many of us are privileged to have parents who do our laundry until college. You may think this is a right, but it's not—it's a privilege. Because they've taken the effort to do this chore for you, put a smile on their faces by actually putting this aromatic, clean, soft and fluffy laundry away, neatly. And if we have one more detail to add, try not to complain if your 'rents accidentally shrink an article of clothing. Laundry may seem simple, but fabrics have a mind of their own!


4. Allot Some Weekend Family Time

Weekends are precious, we know that. But you can instantly become a better daughter by spending some good, quality time with your family each weekend. Whether this means you always make it home for dinner on Saturday or you delegate some mother-daughter time every Sunday morning, this quality time will speak volumes. Soon you'll come to treasure this time rather than regard it as an obligation.


5. Feign Interest

You don't have to actually be interested in your parents' boring adult activities, but feigning enthusiasm will speak volumes. Your 'rents spent years of your life pretending to be blown away by your monkey bar skills, your stick figure drawings and your very long, incoherent stories. Now it's your turn to humor them back. Also, remember to laugh at those dad jokes. He tries.

Zoey talking to Bow

(Grown-ish via Freeform)


6. Settle Your Sibling Disputes Yourself

One of the harder aspects of parenting is having to "take sides" when your kids argue. You may think that bringing your problems to your parents is like having an unbiased sheriff settle the matter, but in reality these endless quarrels slowly chip away at your parents' hearts. They love you both and they don't want to see you fighting constantly. Try to settle things with your brothers and sisters yourself so that you don't put your parents in the middle. They'll appreciate not being the bad guy, as well as enjoy the idea that you and your sibs have been getting along lately. Even if it's a false idea.

Nancy and Mike arguing at breakfast

(Stranger Things via Netflix)


7. Pick Your Battles

Being forced to continue listening to your parents' commands when you're definitely old enough to think for yourself is… frustrating, to say the least. But even though we both know you're more than competent, you're still living under mom and dad's roof, which unfortunately means obeying their wishes. Here's the thing though: Pick your battles. Don't complain or argue over every single command that you disagree with. Instead, swallow the annoyance over the small things and go to battle over the bigger stuff. It'll improve the overall mood between you and your 'rents while giving your case more credibility down the road.


8. Always Compliment Dinner

Whether or not dinner was remarkable (or burnt), shell out a compliment to your parents. Believe it or not, they don't really want to make dinner every single night. Honestly, it's kind of a burden. But alas, they must feed you, and so dinner is served whether it's delicious or distasteful. After all, at the end of the day, your parents always get an A for effort.


9. Pleases and Thank Yous

This is one of the absolute easiest ways to be a better daughter. All you have to do is remember your pleases and always extend a thank you. It's super easy for your parents to feel taken advantage of or underappreciated. Remind them that you are aware of all of their efforts by showing your gratitude. This goes for the big things and the small. Remember that clean laundry we talked about? Yep, that deserves a thank you, too. And while you're at it, remember to tell them you love them.

Betty and Alice hugging

(Riverdale via the CW)


 10. Put Your Phone Down

Look, we both knew we were going to get here eventually. Plain and simple, put your phone down when you're spending time with your family. You can hardly pat yourself on the back for hanging with your parents if your mind is somewhere else. This may require more effort than the other suggestions on our list, but it may just go the farthest.


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