8 Ways to Instantly Make Yourself a Better Girlfriend

No one ever said being in a relationship was easy.

Well, perhaps the Happily Ever After ending of many Disney princess movies could have given off that impression.

But here in the real world, we know that relationships require tons of work and ample opportunities for growth. If you feel like you aren't living up to your best girlfriend game, scroll below to get tips on how to instantly become a better GF:

Ease Up On Your S.O.'s Female Friends

Other girls are not your enemy! While frenemies may be unavoidable at times, other girls in your grade are not constant competitors. If your S.O. is close friends with other girls, make peace with that fact and know that not everyone is trying to steal your love away from you. It's high school, after all, not The Bachelor. Being on good terms with their female friends will not only relax your relationship, but it'll also ease your own anxieties.

Veronica with Betty and Archie

(Riverdale via the CW)


Be Available for Their Feelings

We can become so caught-up in the way we experience a relationship that sometimes we forget that our S.O. has feelings, too. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will really appreciate your added attention to their experiences when you become a shoulder for them to cry on or an ear when they need to vent.


Allow Each Other Friend-Only Time

While you may want to be attached at the hip to your love, it's important that you both spend time alone with your friends without your S.O. tagging along. Whether or not it's true, your perpetual presence may come across as clingy to an S.O. who just wants to hang with their buds. Every healthy relationship is all about balance, and time spent together (or apart) is just an aspect of that equilibrium.

Veronica with Archie and Jug

(Riverdale via the CW)


Communicate Your Worries

Keeping emotions bottled up is always a recipe for disaster. Your S.O. will greatly appreciate when you answer the question, "Are you okay?" honestly. Often, we'd rather brood on our feelings, not wanting to start an argument, but when we ruminate on these thoughts they can turn into something much more ugly than they originally were. Be honest, be open, and your gf points will go way up.


Be Cordial With Your S.O.'s Friends and Family

The question of whether or not you enjoy the company of your S.O.'s friends and family isn't exactly the point here. Whatever your feelings for these acquaintances may be, it's important that you are at the very least cordial with the other special people in your S.O.'s life. It'll just make life so much easier for everyone involved.

Jughead and FP at Pop's

(Riverdale via the CW)


Respect Their Other Commitments

It's easy to feel like we should be the top priority in our S.O.'s life. After all, what could be more important than love?? But the truth of the matter is that everyone has their own personal commitments, obligations and schedules. Being our best selves means respecting other people's attempts at being their best selves. Even if you don't understand why your S.O. can't step away on their mom's birthday, try not to give them a hard time, because everyone has different priorities.


Find a Balance Between Trust and Warning Signs

Some of us find it hard to trust our S.O.s completely. Whether you've had bad experiences in the past or you're simply scared of losing the love of your life, you may be inclined to pry into your S.O.'s personal life. Try to strike a fair balance between blindly trusting your partner and reading warning signs correctly. Just because they don't want you to play with their phone does not mean they've got a side bae. However, suspicious activity could mean they aren't respecting you the way you deserve to be treated. Finding a balance means curbing jealousy and suspicion while noticing strange changes in their behavior or personality.


Be Supportive

Possibly the simplest way to better your girlfriend game is to be supportive of your S.O. regardless of the matter. Be their cheerleader when they need a pep talk, and be their strength when they're feeling down. While you may not realize your S.O. could use your support, they're probably secretly wishing you'd show more interest in their challenges and triumphs.

Betty kissing Jughead's cheek

(Riverdale via the CW)


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