For some reason, people seem to love treating being single as though it’s some kind of affliction that needs to be cured.

“Don’t worry, you’ll find someone,” “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” and “it’ll happen when you least expect it” are all common things that get said to single people in our society. While they may be said with good intentions, the translation isn’t quite as positive.

In reality, being single is actually pretty great! You get to spend your time however you like, learn more about yourself and prioritize things that will actually help your future. No offense to our coupled-up friends, but the single life is pretty sweet. However, that’s only true if you learn how to be “good” at being single. Need a little help honing the art? We’ve got you. Here’s your guide to getting really good at being single.

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1. Master Becoming Independent

Independent people seem to know what they’re doing all the time, but they aren’t just born with a natural ability to handle everything that’s thrown at them with grace. In reality, it takes quite a bit of hard work for some of us to become truly independent, but it’s all worth it in the end. Independence helps you handle both everyday situations and tough ones while actually using the hard times as fuel to better yourself.

Start simple by just taking time alone. Do things for yourself that you might normally ask for help with. Do things that make you uncomfortable (we’re talking about things like calling to make your own doctor’s appointment or heading to a workout class without your usual workout buddy). Independent people are great at being single because they don’t have to depend on anyone else for their own happiness.


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2. Do The Things That Make You Happy Outside of a Relationship

Dating someone gives you an excuse to do fun things all the time since you basically have a built-in person to go do fun activities with that you can then call “dates.” However, who says you can only do the things you enjoy and call it fun within the context and confines of a relationship? Go and do the activities you would look forward to with a partner, only with your friends (or even by yourself) instead. From ice skating around Christmas time to apple-picking in the fall, picnics in the park, sunset strolls, trying new restaurants and everything in between, there’s literally no reason why you can’t do what you want to do when you’re single. In fact, you might just find yourself having more fun doing it all with your friends anyway—and that might be the real key to getting good at being single.


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3. Remember That Your Life Isn’t Missing Anything Just Because You’re Single

Despite how rom-coms and fairytales may make it seem, you absolutely do not need a partner to “complete you.” There’s no missing better half to you that you need to eventually find—you’re a whole amazing person all on your own. You should never date someone just because you feel like something in your life is missing (that would be codependency). Instead, when you do meet someone that seems worth you leaving the single life behind for, it should be because they add so much to your life that you find it worth the investment of your very valuable time.


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