How to Be Sure No One Wears Your Same Halloween Costume

Halloween costumes = stress—especially if you take pride in rocking an original ensemble.

While it might seem like everything has been done before, if you put on your trusty thinking caps and begin brainstorming, we fully believe you'll dream up something awesome. But how can you be sure no one else has your same exact look? While it's impossible to be 100% certain, follow our checklist below to make sure your moment is truly one-of-a-kind.

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1. Make It yourself

While it's impossible to ensure that no one else will have your same Halloween costume, your best bet at standing out is creating your own DIY Halloween costume instead of one you order online or pull out of a plastic bag from a Halloween store. If it comes from Leg Avenue, chances are tons of other people will be rocking the same thing. And even if you do want to do something more basic, like a Disney princess or a cat or a zombie bride, DIY-ing your costume will make it totally unique and one-of-a-kind. The only downside, it does take a lot of work to make a costume look good, so make sure you start now and give yourself enough time to execute it well, so it will by DIY disaster-free!

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2. Don't Tell Anyone

Have an amazing idea for a Halloween costume? Keep your mouth shut! We mean it, don't even tell your BFF unless she's part of the costume, too. A good idea is hard to come by, so if you've drummed up something truly original, your best bet is to keep it to yourself.


3. Stay Away From Trendy Pop Culture

Trendy pop culture is a surefire way to know you'll be dressed up like everyone else at the party. Pop culture costumes, including someone from a super popular movie or iconic music video, are always going to be a common costume choice.


4. Do More Research

Want to revive a character or a decade? Our suggestion is to stay away from generic decade costumes, and if you go as a person, don't choose their most popular moment or role. For example, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's is such a common costume, but she's played many other costume-worthy characters, like Princess Ann in Roman Holiday. Or if you want to do something '20s, really get into character by choosing an icon like Greta Garbo or Coco Chanel. Plus, it's an excuse to learn more about the person and really connect with your costume.

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5. Be Super Clever and Cheeky

The best costumes tend to have a bit of humor woven in. This is your chance to show everyone just how creative you are! For example, you could dress up as Twitter or Instagram, or as one of the KarJenner babies… something out-of-the-box that will make people laugh.


6. Make It Dead

If you're itching to be something super common, your best bet is to make it the scary version of what you want to be. Want to be a bride? Make it a zombie. Want to be a cheerleader? Give her some thrash marks and some crazy makeup.

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