How To Build A Better Boy Airs In July!

China Anne McClain and Kelli Berglund star in the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie How To Build A Better Boy. We don't know if we can wait until July 18th for it to air!How To Build A Better Boy

The film features Disney Channel stars China Anne and Kelli as two BFFs in high school named Gabby and Mae. The two are tech geniuses, and plan to use their skills to create the perfect boyfriend!

However, the duo are unaware that the computer they're using to build their dream boy was actually built to create super soldier robots!

When they create their handsome yet affectionate super boy Albert (portrayed by former Canadian Idol contestant Marshall Williams), they don't realize the trouble they've gotten themselves into, and must use their knowledge to set things right!

How To Build A Better Boy was filmed in August of last year in Toronto, Canada. Who else can't wait to see the story come to life on the small screen?

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