6 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day!

In case you haven't heard, March 8 is a global day to honor women, when it comes to our accomplishments and empowering us to do more in our communities.

Today's an easy opportunity to appreciate the leading ladies in your life. Rallies, festivals, conferences and exhibitions are taking place today all over the world in celebration of women, but even if you don't get involved in the big stuff, there are still plenty of ways to honor women.

Keep scrolling for six ways you can celebrate International Women's Day.

Attend an Event

The most obvious way to celebrate International Women's Day is to attend an event in your area. You can use the day's official event page to discover relevant happenings around the world. These events range from brunches and women's conferences, to entertaining shows and simple celebrations. Whatever you might be interested in, the event page makes it easy to discover what's going on in your area and to attend with family members or friends.


Use the Hashtag #PressForProgress

The theme of IWD 2018 is #PressForProgress. It's a call to motivate friends, colleagues and communities to be more gender inclusive, and to acknowledge the individual power that each person has to make a change. It reminds women that we should always be striving for more and working to make communities that include and acknowledge all women. The easiest way to celebrate IWD is to tweet out a message of support using the theme hashtag. It doesn't take much effort, and it shows that you're thinking about the women in your life and showing appreciation for everything that women around the world have accomplished.


Plan a Party With Your Gal Pals

At its core, International Women's Day is simply an opportunity for women to band together and celebrate how awesome we really are. If you want to celebrate the day, but you don't know how to get involved in a big way, use it as an excuse to plan a party with your gal pals. Throw together some tasty treats, toss on a girl power movie and enjoy the company of your girl boss squad. It's an excellent way to show appreciation for the ladies in your life, and it's a wonderful excuse to throw a festive fete.


Do Something for a Woman You Love

Whether it's a partner, friend, mom, grandmother, aunt or any other woman of importance in your life, one easy way to celebrate IWD is to do something kind for a female you love. You could cook dinner for your mom or buy her a lovely bouquet of flowers, or you could write a kind card to your aunt, thanking her for being in your life. Doing something thoughtful is a great way to make an important woman in your life feel special and to show them you appreciate everything they do in your life.


Treat Yourself

International Women's Day is about celebrating all women, and that includes you! Many countries around the world consider IWD a holiday, giving many women a half day of work or the entire day off. Therefore, it's totally acceptable to take the day to appreciate the powerful and strong woman you are by treating yourself. Whether it's soaking in a bubble bath for a few hours or engaging in a bit of retail therapy, treating yourself on IWD definitely counts as a celebration! And it just might be our favorite way to honor women.

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Have a Girl Power Movie Marathon

If you're really not in the mood to celebrate with people around you or you can't get it together to plan a party with your squad, you can still celebrate powerful female figures by having a girl power movie marathon. Some necessary additions to your line-up are Moana, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Legally Blonde, FrozenWonder Woman, Clueless and Miss Congeniality. Sit back, relax and enjoy watching some strong ladies live it up on your TV screen.


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