How to Channel Your Inner Emily From Emily In Paris

If you watched season two of Emily In Paris on Netflix, we're guessing you wish you lived a stylish life in Europe (because same).

Emily is a marketing genius at Savoir and always has the most fashionable outfits and accessories. Not only does she live in Paris, but she also has great friends and a fun love life to go with it. And while she may get confused about her priorities and who she wants to date, one thing remains certain—her friends always come first.

Wish you could be more like Emily? Look below to find out how to channel your inner Emily from Emily In Paris.

Be Bold With Your Fashion Choices

Emily's outfits are never boring. She's always wearing something bold and bright and isn't afraid to mix patterns and even colors. Sometimes, she'll even stick with one color palette and go totally overboard (in a good way). Do your research on Parisian fashion to find out what French women are wearing these days. You'll learn that less is more and might even want to downsize your closet. It's clear that Emily has very expensive taste, so if you want to invest in some high-end designer pieces, it might be time to sell a lot of your clothes and even accessories (fast fashion is a big no-no in France). We suggest checking out sites like The Real Real or Nuuly for new pieces to add to your wardrobe!

emily in paris

(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


Share Everything on Social Media

When we say share everything on social media, just look at what Emily shares to get an idea of what we mean. Enjoying a yummy croissant in the morning? Post it on Instagram! Waking up in a new city? Share your view! Seriously, Emily seems to share anything and everything, which is how she's able to quickly grow her Instagram followers. So, the next time you go to a cool restaurant, see something in a store you love, watch a friend perform on stage, walk past street art or see someone across the street in a sick outfit, be sure to snap a pic and post it to your feed.


Hang Out With Your Girlfriends

When Emily first arrives in Paris in Season 1, she doesn't have any friends—male or female. She's still dating a guy from back at home and is struggling to find herself. But once she ditches the guy and finally enjoys being on her own, it's all uphill. She's not afraid to strike up a conversation and make friends. Mindy and Camile quickly became her besties in Paris, and a big part of that is because they go out, have fun nights together, meet for coffee in the middle of the day and even go on girls' trips with each other. Make your girlfriends a priority and try to hang out with them as often as you can!


Do Something Unexpected

Just when you think you know what Emily's going to do, she goes off and does something completely unexpected. Take her romance with Alfie in season two as an example. He makes fun of her for not being fun and only being focused on work, so she makes it a point to prove him wrong. Whether doing something unexpected for you means getting a new drink at Starbucks or booking a one-way ticket to somewhere new, it's all about trying something outside of your comfort zone.

emily in paris

(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


Learn French

When we say to learn French, don't let that scare you off right away. After all, Emily has to retake French 1 in season two! She is by no means an expert, but she tries as hard as she can to learn the beautiful language. Whether you go to an in-person class, attend a Zoom class, watch YouTube videos, watch old French films or download Duolingo, they are all great ways to learn the basics. And if you have the opportunity to hang out with people who speak fluent French, tell them to only speak to you in French—trust us, it will make you so much better!


Live in the Moment

Even though living in the moment is something Emily sometimes struggles to do, it's definitely a Parisian mindset she's been working on. When the weekend comes, don't talk about work or school (unless you have to study). Put your phone down when you're hanging out with people. In fact, tell everyone to put their phones away! Create a phone stack at the dinner table or collect phones and put them away in a drawer or bowl. This makes living in the moment so much easier with no distractions.


Fall In Love

Last but not least, in order to channel your inner Emily from Emily In Paris, you need to fall in love. And no, we don't necessarily mean a person (though that would be great). You can fall in love with a book, a hobby, a city, the French language or even yourself. Just give yourself fully to something and don't be worried about the consequences. And if that happens to be a person, just try to not fall for someone who's already tied up.

emily in paris

(Emily In Paris via Netflix)


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