How to Curate a Fun Instagram Feed

Want to know how to curate that artistic Instagram feed you see everywhere?

Let's just say it has a lot to do with balance. Instagram is a creative and entertaining place, but it's also easy to get caught up in it. It's essential that you create a feed you like, and that you're doing it for yourself. Not sure where to begin? Keep scrolling for some tips on how to create an organic or cohesive Instagram feed!

Organic Feed

The likes and wants of people constantly change. But for now, people are really enjoying variety. We are so used to posting ourselves because, of course, it's our Instagram accounts! However, not everyone wants to see the same stagnant photos of us 24/7. So, variety is becoming the new norm on Instagram. Mixing together outfit inspo, reels, travel, food pics and more among our favorite photos of ourselves is key to an organic feed.

If you are looking to achieve this organic-styled feed, here are some Instagram accounts to look at.


Olivia Hirst's Organic Instagram Feed


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The Montana Experience Feed



Moments a bloom feed


Each of these accounts uses a variation of photos of themselves, their surroundings, the things they love and more. The exciting images alone create a fun feed and keep it looking organic and compelling.


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Cohesive Feed

Be consistent. If a seamless feed is something that fits you better, it's smart to begin simple. Using the same filters or the same app to edit your photos will seriously help with the cohesiveness of your feed. Also, planning your feed can be very helpful if you already have pictures you want to post! The Preview or UNUM apps are both great for planning your feed. Just sync your Instagram account and plan away! You'll be able to see how the next couple of posts will go with your overall theme.

Here are a few Instagrams that mirror that cohesive style:


Elizabeth Ann Eventer planned feed



Hannah Herrell's planned feed


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Luana Barron's planned feed


Each of these Instagram accounts has a clear vision of how they want to share their photos, with a consistent color scheme and organic images.

And for your own feed, it depends on what style you want, but TikTok, Pinterest and your favorite influencer's Instagram feed are all great places to start. Happy planning!


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