8 Signs You're Obsessed With TikTok

We'll be the first to admit it—we're beyond obsessed with TikTok.

It is by far our favorite social media platform. It's so much more engaging and thought-provoking than the other ones out there—not to mention fun! Whether you're on Booktok, Beautytok or something else and you find yourself scrolling for hours on end, you just might be obsessed. Continue below for the eight signs that you're obsessed with TikTok.

1. You Do TikTok Dances ALL of the Time

Whether you're walking around the house, out in public or in the car, you always find yourself doing a TikTok dance. This especially happens if a certain song comes on and you can't help but dance along!


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2. You Lose Hours Scrolling

Compare your screentime to someone who isn't on TikTok—we're willing to bet yours exceeds theirs by far! This should really put your love for TikTok into perspective. If you're on your phone for hours a day, all signs point to yes, you are addicted to the app.


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3. People Tell You to 'Get Off TikTok'

Whether it's your mom, dad, brother, bestie or S.O., if people always seem to be telling you to "get off your phone" or "get off TikTok," that's a sure sign that you're obsessed. When you start putting the app before the people you love, it's time to re-evaluate!


4. You Have Liked Thousands of Videos

Go to your "liked" section and try to scroll down as far as you can. Once you get tired of scrolling, click on a video and look at the date. If it's from years ago, you might be in the clear. But if it only went back a few weeks or months, you might be in trouble!


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5. You Want to Go Viral

Tons of people have turned to TikTok in the hopes of going viral one day,  and if you're among that crowd, it's not necessarily a sign you're addicted to the app, but you should definitely re-evaluate and try to be more authentic.


6. You Have Tons of Videos in Your Drafts

Go look in your drafts section—if you have tons of videos just hanging out in there, ask yourself why? Do you ever plan on posting them, or did you feel compelled to make them at the time?


7. You Have a List of Songs You Want to Use for Future Videos

TikTok has a "save this sound" feature, which we love, but if your saved folder is full of hundreds of songs and sounds, you might be a little bit too obsessed.


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8. TikTok Is the First App You Open in the Morning

If the first thing you do in the morning is roll over, grab your phone and open up TikTok to see what you missed while you were sleeping, it's a sure sign you're obsessed.


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