How to Date Yourself During Social Distancing

When you're stuck at home, away from your friends and nowhere in the ballpark of being able to date someone, you can either despair or make the most of the situation.

Maybe you don'need anyone else to have a great time. With the right mindset, you can even transform your loneliness into something self-affirming and empowering. Struggling to make the most of your alone time? Keep scrolling for some quality ways to date yourself during social distancing.

Get Dolled-Up

You'll want to look your best for your date—even if it's a date with yourself. Have a luxurious shower using the products you've been saving for a rainy day, put time into doing your hair and makeup, and wear a scent you adore. Paint your nails, if you need to update your mani. The home salon treatment can be part of the self-date, too! Then, wear something that'll make you feel your cutest and most confident self. Are there certain colors, cuts and fits that make you feel your very best? When you look in the mirror and impress yourself, you'll feel completely different than if you'd just hung out in your pajamas for the night.

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Make Your Space Tidy

Cleaning up might be the last thing you want to do right now, but this is the time to surprise yourself. Make your space look as good as you would if you were having company over and you wanted to dazzle them. If your room is a space you'd be embarrassed to show to your crush, give it a little makeover. Make your bed, get your clothes off your floor and desk chair, throw away those food wrappers, and dust everything to make it a space to embrace. Not only will your room be totally Insta-worthy at the end of the process, but you'll feel better about it, too.


Get Yourself a Gift

If you'd expect a little gift at the start of a date, why not treat yourself to one? Maybe that's flowers, or chocolate, or a piece of jewelry you've wanted. Perhaps it's something totally random that only you could know you've desired for a long time. The special occasion to buy it is now, and best of all, since you know yourself better than anyone, it's impossible to disappoint yourself. You're going to love it.

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Get Acquainted With Yourself

A date is about getting to know someone, so dating yourself should be about getting in touch with the core of yourself. Truly spend some time with you in a positive way. Talk to yourself how you might talk to someone else if you were trying to make conversation. You might want to talk about things out loud, or journal about them instead. What makes you feel powerful and happy when things get tough? What else can you do to feel even stronger?

Maybe there are things you miss and want to return to, or things that don't benefit you anymore that you'll want to cut out of your life. Boost yourself up and compliment yourself like a friend might. Be kind to yourself, and explore what you want, and how you want to be better. Think of all the reasons you might have a crush on yourself and learn to really care about you.


Take Yourself on Your Dream Date

Nothing is stopping you for taking yourself on your ultimate dream date except the limits of your imagination. Maybe you'll want to cook yourself your favorite meal (or order in from your fave restaurant), virtually explore a museum you've always wanted to see, or just watch your favorite movie with plenty of popcorn and candy at hand. Set the atmosphere with a deliciously scented candle and a playlist that makes your heart soul. And remember to focus on you. You're allowed to snap a few pics so you can flaunt the special night later, but otherwise, stay off social media and be as present as possible.

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